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Two weeks later, Clarence Fernandes purchased the Sea Wolf. “We kissed the family goodbye and headed back out.” ■
— Jeff Smith


  • 1. Hans E. Rosendal: “Such gales came on with little advance warning, and vessels did not have time to seek the greater safety of the open sea.”
  • 2. Edward Soltesz: “Weather reports were very hard to get. If there was any noticeable storm [reported], it was always after the fact.”
  • 3. San Diego Union, July 12, 1947: “The craft went down in what was described as ‘the roughest waters ever encountered off the coast of Mexico.’”


  • Fernandes, Arnold, “The Sun Beauty’s Last Voyage,” self-published; “The Rise & Fall of the Tuna Industry in San Diego,” self-published; interview.
  • “Vessels lost during the year 1947,” Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1948.
  • Rosendal, Hans E., “Mexican West Coast Tropical Cyclones, 1947–1961,” Weatherwise, October 1963.
  • Soltesz, Edward S., “Pole Fishing for Tuna, 1937–1941: An Interview with Edward S. Soltesz,” Journal of San Diego History, Summer 1991, vol. 37, number 3.
  • “Sun Beauty Sinks,” Sun Harbor Catch and Can News, August 1947.
  • Articles in the San Diego Union, the San Diego Tribune-Sun, and the Reading Eagle.

Part 1: Anatomy of a Tuna Clipper | Part 2: Let's Catch Us Some Tuna! | Part 3: The Lone Wolf Hits a Royal Flush

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Twister Feb. 1, 2013 @ 2:44 p.m.

You're one helluva researcher, Jeff! I'd still like you to take over that 1850 manuscript I once mentioned some months ago and give it the story-telling treatment it deserves. I'm just not up to the job.


Jeff Smith Feb. 2, 2013 @ 9:23 a.m.

T: I'd love to, but my plate is full, and my table, and my dining room, and...


x76 Feb. 25, 2013 @ 12:03 p.m.

Terrific article, the happy ending makes it all the better, but I'll bet you ten dollars that boat never had its name lettered in Comic Sans, which entered the world on a dark day in 1994, which, by my calendar, was some time after 1947. Tsk.

Type joke: Why can't typographers enjoy movies? The typefaces are not historically accurate!!


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