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Palomar Community College District sues City of Escondido and former Redevelopment Agency for breach of contract

District alleges city officials did not pay tax increment promised in 1984 agreement.

The Palomar Community College District wants their share of redevelopment tax increment promised to them by the City of Escondido in a 1984 agreement. The problem; district officials say the City doesn't want to pay ...

Curious objects from San Diego's past

Wyatt Earp note, Lindbergh jumpsuit, Bob Simmons surfboard, Heaven's Gate shroud, Navy cross, rattlesnake basket

San Diego's curios — each with their own separate stories.

Sweetwater board votes to open second charter school

Superintendent Brand sees it as money-maker

At the January 28 Sweetwater Union High School District board meeting, the majority of trustees voted to support superintendent Ed Brand’s push to open a second charter school; following up the Stephen W. Hawking Math ...

Which San Diego cop won’t take your pot?

Border Patrol sure will

What's a medical cannabis patient to do in a routine encounter with the police? Depends on the police, it seems. The cannabis and paraphernalia in the photo above — from a bust at an I-8/East ...

Instant oatmeal taste test

Casa Kelly’s 2013 New Year’s resolution is healthier living — nutritious eating, physical activity, and enlightenment of the mind. The easy part for shopper Eve is the eating. Out go the chips, in come the ...

Desert View Trail, William Heise County Park

Hike up to 4927 feet for Glen’s View, with panoramic views that include North Peak, Julian, and the desert.

Songwriters are culture's poets

How does songwriting fit in at the Writer’s Symposium by the Sea at Point Loma Nazarene University?

Record-release roundup

Take Over, a local-music compilation from North County–based Pacific Ocean Records, drops January 31 with an 18-and-up party at Oceanside’s Red Crab Lounge. “We’ll give copies away to the first 50 people,” says label honcho ...

Stand Up Guys: A love story with guns

For 28 years, two loyal friends serve a concurrent prison sentence: Val (Al Pacino), behind bars for refusing to finger an associate, and Doc (Christopher Walken), on the outside, waiting to perform the hit when ...

The Generators plug in at Shakedown

USA Today once identified the Generators as one of America’s most underrated of punk bands. In truth, a punk-revival band from late 1990s Los Angeles, the Generators owe much to the Britpunk of the 1970s. ...

The Prince of Tides, by Pat Conroy

What are you reading? “The Prince of Tides, by Pat Conroy. It was made into a movie with Barbra Streisand. I’ve never seen the movie, but I’ve read great things about the book.” Tell me ...

No hipsters, no canines

Musician Ron Najor produces the film I Am Not a Hipster, screened at Sundance and now on cable and DVD.

Bonanza of bands

Desert Daze Music and Art Festival returns as a one-day camping jamboree near Desert Hot Springs, on the same weekend as Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

Betting on the Super Bowl has little to do with the game

Odds and evens

This column is for degenerate gamblers, a sporting demographic I’ve neglected lately. You can see why. When an internet gambling site runs a half-page, full-color ad in the sports section of a Super Bowl team’s ...

Tyler Crabe prefers not to take shortcuts

Name: Tyler Crabe Vehicle: 2000 Ford Ranger What do you like about your car? It’s a stick, it gets decent gas mileage, and it can hold stuff. I bought a camper shell, and it’s the ...

Quadrophenia mania and the San Diego music scene, January 31-February 6

Thursday 31Atlanta band Nashville Pussy plugs in at Casbah Thursday night. Hubbie and wife guitarists Blaine Cartwright and Ruyter Suys (pronounced Rider Sighs) have been riding this eight-legged Southern-fried sleaze-rock beast since 1996, garnering a ...

Turn that down!

Heymatt: Why do some clubs have such loud music? I know loud volume is a substitute for quality tones, but do they really need to go that far? Some have sound levels of 105 decibels, ...

Canadian Nice

"Do you have Mexican food in Vancouver? Wait, that’s a stupid question — it’s a city, of course you do,” I said. “But it’s probably not as good as it is here...I mean, not because ...

Advice from ex-political boss

Speaking of David Alvarez, his ex-boss in the office of former South Bay Democratic state senator Denise Ducheny is raking in some big bucks from border-related city-hall lobbying of her former employee. Falcon Strategies, L.L.C., ...

Beauty goin' down

Sun Beauty crew members were saved after using an asparagus can to signal they needed rescuing.

Strong drinks, stout lobbyists

It hasn’t taken very long for freshman Democratic congressman Juan Vargas to hit the Washington fundraising circuit. According to a recent online invite from the Juan Vargas for Congress Committee, posted by the Sunlight Foundation’s ...

TV and video games may intensify violence

But SDSU and Pt. Loma Nazarene scholars take nuanced view

Are Hollywood, football, and the media to blame for America’s penchant for violence?

International mail: which country gets paid

Heymatt: Curious as to how an international letter works through the United States Postal Service? How does the USPS get paid and how much does the country receiving the letter get? Do both countries just ...

The difference between recreation and re-creation

Heymatt: How come you can “recreate” something (like a Civil War battle) and it would be a “RE-creation,” but when you go play tennis (or whatever) it’s “WRECK-reation?” Are they different words or just the ...

Unidentified flying freebies

After a grueling election year, things are settling back to normal at San Diego’s city hall, with favors and freebies the coin of the city’s political realm, and elected officials scrambling to be the first ...

Sweetwater's gathering storm

Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista has an excessive spending habit and may be in serious fiscal trouble soon.

10 Ways Your Camera Can Change Your Life in 2013 (Part One)

Shutterbug for life

A young man graduates, travels the world, and has his camera’s film stolen. He writes about it.

The "n" word rears its ugly head

In Plain Sight I was reading an article in your publication and I found some things that troubled me. On page 28, one of your writers is repeatedly quoting someone using the “n” word in ...

Night. Street. Lamp. Drugstore.

Night. Street. Lamp. Drugstore. Dull and sleazy light. Live twenty-five years more — It will be as now. No way out. You die — and again you begin. All is repeated as before: Night. The ...

Address from the President of the American Baptist Missionary Union to the Missionaries of Buffalo New York

You go to an embassy compared with which all the embassies of men dwindle into insignificance. You go forth as ambassadors of Christ. You go to crumble idols — to convey light to benighted minds ...