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400 different brokerages in San Diego and 12,000 realtors

"You have a ton of buyers. We still have low prices."

San Diego realtors have made do during years of a depressed market. They are optimistic in 2013.

The Best BBQ Sauce

Sauce for your bones

We use a lot of barbecue sauce in the Kelly house. Our favorite has always been Gates Original. It hails from Kansas City, and my mom sends me a bottle every year at both Christmas ...

Ja jien mein (noodles with meat sauce)

Recipe by executive chef/owner, Khan’s Cave

Mark Sun opened Khan’s Cave after he realized he couldn’t stay out of the kitchen on a Friday night.

Heard of the Baja-Med movement?

Ed says “What the heck” and orders the snail pizza

Snail pizza at Tijuana’s El Taller Baja-Mex Restaurant.

Outlaw-country-blues-rockers Tilt to release debut full-length at Belly Up

“The band is now essentially myself and singer Jesse Malley...we do the songwriting and band management,” says guitarist Jeff Irwin of outlaw-country-blues-rockers Tilt, whose debut full-length, Howlin’, will drop January 23 at the Belly Up. ...

B Street rave

4th&B nightclub may reopen, this time as a dance club featuring electronic music.

Under the Sea

I stood alone in the middle of a long aisle at Party City. I looked left. The only person in sight was the young clerk behind the register. Her face was turned away from me. ...

Cat mitzvah

A shaggy dog story about a nearly hairless cat in 1920s Algiers. He serves his master the rabbi, but he loves his mistress, the rabbi’s fleshy daughter. When he eats the family parrot and so ...

Sunset trail

Big Sky Country in San Diego County

Montana is not the only state that can boast being “Big Sky Country.” We have the same bragging rights in our own backyard: the Laguna Mountains (locals call it “the Lagunas”). Tucked in the Cleveland ...

Joey Harris & the Mentals — rock stars posing as a club act

“A rock star posing as a club act.” This is how a talent buyer at a local nightclub once characterized Joey Harris. A guitarist and a singer and a songwriter, Harris was solid gold even ...

The week in music in San Diego, January 17-23

The Reader's picks for best pop, rock 'n' soul, punk 'n' blues 'n' all that jazz

The Reader's picks for best pop, rock 'n' soul, punk 'n' blues 'n' all that jazz

Daniel Sigmon's dream of a Smart Car

Name: Daniel Sigmon Vehicle: 2004 Pontiac Vibe How do you feel about your car? I actually like it quite a bit. This is hard because I don’t care about cars. My dream is not to ...

Serious supporters of Sweetwater trustee Pearl Quiñones

Surprising allegations, questionable tactics

It’s no secret that the allegations of long-term corruption in the Sweetwater Union High School District have roiled the South Bay waters. A recent U-T article even calls on South Bay politicians to discuss the ...

Rozzers — a slang term for police

Hey Matt: My English friend was riding in my car recently when I was pulled over by the police. I had not noticed them, but Nigel did and exclaimed, “Cripes, the rozzers are after us!” ...

Leucadia’s Calypso Cafe closes

The Calypso Cafe, which opened in Leucadia in 1995 and featured music seven nights a week for most of its existence, held its final show this New Year’s Eve. Located in a converted house, the ...

Santee house fire displaces family

Firefighter injured, dogs rescued

A Santee family of four was burned out of their Poinciana Drive home Tuesday, January 15, by a two-alarm fire that destroyed much of the house's interior. A firefighter and a civilian suffered minor injuries ...

San Diego Central Library's moving daze

Now that the new downtown library is almost finished and preparing to open in July, moving day is just around the corner. This being the city, of course, a contractor is required. Based on a ...

Let's catch us some tuna!

The tuna spotters sought jumpers, foamers, and boilers on the water’s surface, an indication of schools below and potential future profits.

Are cats lazier than dogs?

Hey Matt: Why is it that a dog stays firm and muscular when you pick him up while a cat goes all loose and floppy and sags to the bottom like the stuff in a ...

Send in the AUSAs

Duffy fears San Diego will turn into Amsterdam West

United States Attorney Laura Duffy, who has been waging a lengthy war against medical marijuana in San Diego — along with the city’s current mayor — is calling for reinforcements. During last year’s campaign, the ...

Free barbecue in Ocean Beach

Hot dogs for the homeless

I was riding my bike along Abbott Street and Saratoga Avenue on January 13 and smelled the smoke of a barbecue coming from Saratoga Park, right next to the sand. I saw a long line ...

Oceanside mechanic wakes up with knife at his throat

Brittany wanted her car back

Gerardo said he was visiting family in Mexico when he got the first bizarre phone call. “I was in shock,” he said. He thought the first two calls were a “prank.” “First he said, ‘You ...

Where paper sizes come from

Heymatt: How did we arrive at our crazy “standards” for paper sizes? I mean, where did sizes like eight-and-a-half by eleven inches come from? Who is responsible for this mess? And what would have happened ...

Tied up in notes

Newly installed Democratic congressman Scott Peters is already entangled in some nagging post-election financial disclosure questions, courtesy of the Federal Election Commission. In a letter to Peters campaign treasurer Nancy Haley, dated January 4, the ...

To: Reader From: readers

Cosplay Replay I just read the article by Siobhan Braun (“Adorable When I Dress Up,” January 10), and I would like to extend an invitation to her to go to another cosplay gathering. A handful ...

Excerpt from Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States

Our laws and our institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise; and in this sense and to this extent ...

Remember those black-haired dead souls who hold up the white-haired mothers

If my feet are chained, I’ll use my ten fingers to climb to you If my hands are tied, I’ll use my knees and chin to climb to you If my legs are smashed, I’ll ...

Catch and Compassion Fatigue

Blogger pledges to devote most, if not all, of her do-good energies to the plight of the orangutan.