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Cosplayers don't like the Reader writer coming in costume

“Anime characters are perfect”

Wardrobe malfunctions of the very stareable.

SDPD Eastern Division crime report from Capt. Andy Mills

Increases in arrests, crime, suicides

San Carlos was among the neighborhoods where residential burglaries increased during 2012, San Diego Police Department captain Andy Mills reported at the January 2 San Carlos Area Council meeting. Mills is commanding officer for the ...

Late-late brekky

The Village @ 631 serves up come coffee and sausage at Ed’s request

The appeal of 98 Bottles

Taking their name from a twist on the drawn-out folk song (the 99th bottle presumably being the one in your hand), 98 Bottles lends its own flourishes to the bottle-shop/beer-lounge arrangement that is on the ...

Story poles and oleander along I-5

Hi Matt: Travelling between San Diego and Oceanside via the 5 I’ve noticed a couple of things. At the Via de la Valle turn-off on both sides of the freeway there are white PVC pipes ...

Ways to quit smoking

Kick cigarette butts in 2013!

The cognitive thought-based method versus hypnosis for quitting the habit.

The Clinic's got positive swag

Clairemont rapper Joseph Sardina, aka Lil’ Joe, is now known as the Clinic.

In the Lab

I squeezed the plastic dropper and watched the first tiny glob break away and plummet into the big bowl. The droplet was supposed to slip through the surface of the liquid and end up at ...

Borderphobia in Tecate

"I don’t know what you know about big cats,” Emilio says as he reclines in his chair and draws from a glass of whiskey, “but one thing you have to know is to always look ...

Gangster Squad = Gangster Goulash

Bad cop, bad cop

Judging by the dewy exhalation that sighed forth from at least half the audience in attendance at the prerelease screening, it may be that the opportunity to put sensitive, handsome Ryan Gosling in a suit ...

Bond. Favorite Bond.

Gadgets really define the Bond films and the ones I really love are ones that would be great to actually have because I could see myself using them. One gadget is from one of the ...

The Caravaggio effect

Consider two decapitations

Caravaggio and His Legacy, on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art until February 10. 5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. 323-857-6000; In his 20s, in Rome, in the first decade of the ...

P.R. at eleven

The nation’s TV and radio stations use the public airways — which are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission — to make a lot of money. The stations are required to file a quarterly “Issues ...

Rock 'n' soul 'n' punk 'n' blues 'n' all that jazz in San Diego January 10-16

Thursday 10From the mythical city of Tijuana, borderland goth-pop band Dancing Strangers will visit their beats-borne take on ’80s post-punk (Joy Division, JAMC) on the Tin Can Ale House. Astronauta Jackson (Niña Camara) and Eric ...

Tijuana waiter busted cloning credit cards

Restaurant unnamed in report

A waiter at a restaurant in the popular and upscale Zona Rio business district was recently busted by TJ police when it was discovered he was cloning patrons’ credit cards. The scam was discovered when ...

Why everyone loves pizza

Heymatt: So, everyone likes different kinds of music, clothing, TV shows, beer, food, jobs, cars, etc. My question is: if everyone likes all sorts of different things in life, why does everyone love pizza? At ...

San Diego’s Qualcomm is the fifth-largest user of H-1B talent

More than half of entrants are in computer-related fields, mostly from India

American engineers, scientists, and mathematicians can convincingly show that they are not in short supply, as corporations claim. But increasingly, politicians are siding with big business, which wants the government to loosen restrictions on the ...

Lake Murray Kiowa

A walk at an important lake where waterfowl are plentiful.

Bald eagles have landed in Ramona

A Ramona raptor hotspot attracts a pair of bald eagles.

Buzz and Bob

Investigative Newsource, San Diego’s smallest nonprofit online-news operation, managed to grow its cash a bit in 2011, according to an annual charitable disclosure report filed in August with the Internal Revenue Service and recently posted ...

Firefighting CO2

Heymatt: If fire extinguishers use carbon dioxide to snuff out flames, why is it that the CO2 in expelled breath doesn’t blow out a fire? In fact, blowing on a hot ember usually causes it ...

Red Wanting Blue

They can make a whole song out of two major chords. This means that something very entertaining must also be going on simultaneously. Not that it happens all the time in the Red Wanting Blue ...

Dear Reader:

The L.A. Reader? Last week you forgot the remaining part of Barbarella’s column. This week you forgot the movie showtimes. I think you guys are drinking over there or something. You’re really messing things up ...

L.A. is like a huge high school cafeteria

Eh, West Hollywood wasn’t that charming anyway.

My Grandmother’s Love Letters

There are no stars tonight But those of memory. Yet how much room for memory there is In the loose girdle of soft rain. There is even room enough For the letters of my mother’s ...

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