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Yellow Deli People: mellow believers or cult of opportunists?

Twelve Tribes tries for authenticity in Vista

The Twelve Tribes religious sect staffs their Yellow Delis with volunteers. Thus, they don’t pay workers’ compensation or minimum wage. Thus, they are in trouble with the IRS.

Imperial Beach contamination prompts closure

Bad timing by suspected illegal border-crosser

Tijuana River contamination forced the closure of the entire Imperial Beach shoreline on Wednesday, January 2. According to the county Department of Environmental Health, the contamination stretched from the Mexican border to the north end ...

Belize's Baboon Sanctuary

Howling with Abraham.

Sometimes the beauty of Central America is its simplicity. A small sign on the west side of the road announces that you’ve arrived at the Belize Community Baboon Sanctuary. (A misnomer, Belize’s "baboons" are in ...

Hula for moolah in Encinitas

Kelia swings her butt as only Hawaiians can. “That’s called ‘hula for moolah,’” says her mom, Kealani. They burst out laughing. “I used to have all the staff do it,” Kealani says. “Every time a ...

Cough remedies

Remedies to kick a cough and keep a cold at bay.


"So, what do you do at — ” I stole a glance at the name badge on the chest in front of me. “San Diego Story?” “I review music,” said Christian, the man behind the ...

The PettyBreakers go after Superstorm Sandy

“We’ve all got friends on the East Coast.” Guitarist John McAllister talks about the benefit gig to help the Red Cross effort for Hurricane Sandy victims that he and his band, the PettyBreakers, are spearheading. ...

Simeon Flick, studio hermit

Unless you’re a zombie, Simeon Flick’s latest album of tighter songs, better production, and more proficient engineering should inspire a stronger emotional response than previous records.

Lizzie Wann's Ode to Her Hair

Interview with poet/producer Lizzie Wann, who used to be able to do one side of a Rubik’s cube with her feet.

San Clemente, No Car Necessary

Take Amtrak 1.5 hours north for an authentic beach town vibe.

Halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles is the charming coastal town of San Clemente, CA. Somewhat akin to San Diego in its wholesomeness, San Clemente also boasts beachside ambiance without the pretensions commonly found ...

Full GFE

Long-distance call girl

Suzy Favor-Hamilton, one-time track star, now the third-most popular prostitute in Las Vegas.

Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park

Explore the wild side of this much-loved neighborhood park with beautiful views and a wide array of native and exotic plants.

Rinse and repeat for SDMTV

Joseph Stevens to launch San Diego Music TV on January 30.

Near death

Fight for your life, become a better person

Harrowing life-reckoning times while reluctantly fighting death.

Some call sharrows a “bike in a house”

Heymatt: I use a bicycle a lot to get around San Diego, often avoiding hills and apparently clueless car drivers. Now, I see sharrows on some roads. What are people supposed to do when we ...

More hurt from Kathryn Bigelow

Spoiler alert: it ends with the bad guy getting killed. More hurt from Kathryn Bigelow in this docudrama-style (read: handheld) account of the hunt for Osama bin Laden. You can’t preach due process without practicing ...

A 2012 rock-roll rundown

The Reader asked musicians and music-industry locals to name their favorite hometown CD releases of the year. Here’s what they had to say. Diana Death (musician/Rock ’n’ Roll Preservation Society DJ): The New Kinetics, In ...

No sex offenders in homeless shelters

Heymatt:How come San Diego is the only city on the entire West Coast that does not allow sex offenders to enter a homeless shelter? Don’t believe it? Check out— Anonymous Well, I didn’t believe ...

A gang challenge outside their Carlsbad home

“We’re going for a walk.” “Oh, yeah?” Blam! Blam! Blam!

Three people left their Carlsbad home on a cool October evening in 2011 to take the dog for a walk. They all got shot. It was completely dark when David, Erik, and Alejandra left the ...

Happy new city council stipends

San Diego mayor Bob Filner makes an annual salary of $100,464, and city council members are each paid $75,386. Their relatively modest remuneration is unlikely to increase soon, but municipal leaders have discovered another, not-often-discussed ...

Does new UCAN board want reform?

The high-maintenance watchdog

UCAN, the San Diego–based Utility Consumers’ Action Network, burdened by scandal and misuse of funds, should shut down, some say. Some say otherwise.

Concrete patches in the slow lane

Yo Matt: I have a question about some weird concrete patches in some of the slow lanes on our interstates. They’re rectangular cutouts, in two rows of four, very neatly patched. They seem to run ...

The Second Day of the Year

No one ever talks about it. The parties have ended. Confetti has been swept up and thrown away. Headaches have disappeared. And maybe that’s why I’ve always preferred the second day of the year. Because ...

Letters from readers

Not SEALs — EODT I’m calling about the Yukon story in the December 20 issue (City Lights: “Why the Yukon will Continue to Kill Divers,”) and how it kept referencing that the SEALs were the ...

The Mahabharata

And, O Yudhisthira, the Selfcreate Grandsire, Almighty God, spreading illusion, slayeth the creatures by the instrumentality of his creatures, as one may break a piece of inert and senseless wood with wood, or stone with ...

Leaving a trail

Brit rips into script and “Happy Birthday” at Coronado Theatre. Still, no callback.

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