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Florida Road-tripping

In touch with the Sunshine State's natural side.

California isn't the only state that holds claim to a scenic coastal drive. With more miles of coastline than any other state in the contiguous lower forty-eight, Florida has several. State Road Atlantic 1 Alternate ...

Southwestern faculty questions college’s education plan

Is inaccurate data guiding the way?

Members of Southwestern College's faculty are concerned that the college’s master education plan is based on inaccurate data that may inform the administration’s pink-slip plan or presage the closing of programs integral to student needs. ...

Truck-mounted drug cannon seized in Mexicali

Operators nearly busted at midnight

Police in Mexicali were given an anonymous tip Thursday night, February 21, that narcotraficantes were delivering drugs from Mexicali, the capital of Baja, to Calexico, across the border. The method used: cannon fire. A home-made ...

The Fetish Market in Lomé, Togo

One-stop voodoo shopping.

The fetish market in Togo, Africa, is a one-stop shopping paradise for witch doctors and medicine men – as well as a must-see for tourists. This dusty lot in the center of town covers an ...

The Numbers

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning I pick up Joe from the autism class, walk him down the school hallway, his little starfish hand wriggling in mine, as he counts the numbered doors — Ten, nine, ...

Brooms and rocks don’t settle squabble in Tijuana

Arrests made following non-payment for tortillas

A neighborhood brawl erupted Saturday, February 23, in Tijuana's Villas del Campo neighborhood after a woman swatted a child with a broom, leading to the arrest of five people. The affray began in the afternoon, ...