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Environmental Health Coalition files second lawsuit

City officials challenged over Barrio Logan referendum signatures

Now that the date for voters to decide on the Barrio Logan Community Plan update is set for June 2014, the legal fight will resume. Earlier this week, attorneys for the Environmental Health Coalition — ...

Mystical Glendalough, Ireland

An hour from Dublin, find ancient ruins, hiking trails and postcard beauty.

As I walked near the mist-shrouded lakes beyond the ruins of the Glendalough monastery, it was easy to imagine there were magical creatures just beyond my field of vision. A misty morning stroll past the ...

Ex-SEAL cops plea in CIA-linked secrecy case

Former boatswain's mate admits downloading classified documents

Back in October 1994, when he was a member of the Navy's elite SEAL training team at Coronado, Bruce Schliemann was featured in an official Navy account of his South Pacific exploits. Three Navy SEALs ...

Creative sandwiches with artisan toppings? BFD

Urban deli's ambitious menu not just a big front.

In this age of text and twitter shorthand, it's tough to say whether branding your storefront with the bright bold letters "BFD" should be taken as a bold declaration, or act of self-deprecation. Fortunately, the ...

San Diego Cellars open in Little Italy

A winery in the heart of the city? That's the idea!

While not wholly unique, the concept behind San Diego Cellars is fun. The novelty lies in putting a fully functional winery, kitchen, and tasting room within the confines of the city, rather than exiling winemaking ...