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Luxe Stuttgart, Germany

Wineries, car museums and castles: the refined home of Mercedes and Porsche.

Stuttgart isn’t as frantically busy as many other cities in Europe and even in Germany can be, but it’s lively and thriving. With luxury auto manufacturing, palaces and wine, the city is a place to ...

Surfer Joel Tudor attacked in Kookbox lawsuit

Former partner’s allegations may prompt countersuit

Del Mar's Joel Tudor is a surfing icon, having won the United States Open of longboarding eight times. But on November 19 in federal court in New York, a onetime business partner, Andrew Blauschild, a ...

Lotus Thai Happy Hour: where's the Thai?

Ed is underwhelmed at the HH offerings, but learns a lot about seasonings

"Uncle Jerry was from Baton Rouge," says David. He's at the next stool, sipping his ruby-red Zen of Zin ($5). "He'd make his own seasoning and for the holidays, send it out to our family ...

City attorney loses two more First Amendment battles

Overturned conviction; also, $60K settlement likely in Ray Lutz case

The First Amendment is alive and well in San Diego, however, not without the help of attorneys and the courts. On Tuesday, December 10, the city council is expected to approve a $60,000 payout to ...

Bearded at Circle Circle dot dot

I’ll never forget the time I took a young niece — she was maybe seven or eight — to see Santa Claus. She’d been hearing rumors that there was no such dude, but remained defiant. ...

L.A. NFL stadium rivals sink big cash into Brown bid

U-T San Diego ramps up push for new Chargers venue

The professional football season is nearing a wrap and the campaign for San Diego mayor is ramping up, time yet again for another push by La Jolla real estate maven, Republican money-man, and U-T San ...

Desert polluter Eric Russell gets light sentence

Over 1500 gallons of sewage illegally dumped in Imperial Valley

Las Vegas resident Eric Russell received a six-month jail sentence and was ordered to pay $21,240 in restitution last week by a San Diego court for dumping between 1500 and 2000 gallons of raw sewage ...

Pizzeria Mozza opens strong

Highly-anticipated LA pizza restaurant serves exceptional cuisine, living up to its own hype and then some.

Video footage before “Viva Villa” border incident

Filmmakers came upon assembling masses, started recording

The three filmmakers producing under the name UK Balaam Productions seem to have nothing to do with instigating the November 24 border incident in which over 100 migrants confronted Border Patrol officers. In a long ...

Beer Touring: Saint Archer Brewery

A look into my pick for San Diego’s most improved brewing company

Few, if any, breweries have been as polarizing among local beer fans and industry members as Saint Archer Brewery (9550 Distribution Avenue, Miramar). Some see the business — partially owned by, and marketed by, action ...

SeaWorld in more hot water

Blackfish documentary stirs up more controversy

Three music groups have pulled out of SeaWorld Entertainment's Orlando Band, Brew & BBQ festival planned to begin February 1. Rock band Barenaked Ladies canceled its appearance because of the Blackfish documentary, which pillories the ...

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