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Enchanted by Normal Heights

Of all the neighborhoods in San Diego I’m the most enchanted by Normal Heights. They put on a hell of a festival with Adam’s Avenue Unplugged in April and the Adam’s Avenue Street Festival in ...

Document readers installed at San Ysidro border crossing

Draped in black plastic like a Christo art project

Crossing the border at San Ysidro last week, pedestrians, once inside the U.S. border station building, were greeted by mysterious devices at the head of each line. The devices appeared to be robotic in nature, ...

Honoring the fallen at Ypres

WWI reminders in Belgium.

Though the reasons for WWI are murky to most Americans – something about the assassination of an Archduke, as well as the unification of feudal-era principalities into modern nation-states – the war brought our country ...

Clash of the Titans: World Cup of Composers

Mussorgsky versus Rimsky-Korsakov is the main event.

It’s time to wrap up the first round for the Russians. Glinka has been given a second chance to advance to the second round of the Russian draw. His opponent is Dmitri Shostakovich. As explained ...

Truth in beer reporting and other novel concepts

Insights on craft beer and beer writing from Beer-Con 2013

Last weekend, I participated on a beer writing panel at the third annual craft brewing industry convention, Beer-Con. The panel included a quintet of local writers, editors, bloggers and podcasters. Having written about craft beer ...

Dog-washing world record claimed in El Cajon

250 dogs in an hour

Five four-person teams at the Barking Lot bathed 250 dogs in an hour during an August 11 “Dog Wash-a-thon” that raised more than $4500 in pledges for the nonprofit rescue organization. The fundraiser "shattered" the ...

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