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Snoqualmie Falls

Iconic Northwest... and home to the 'Twin Peaks' series.

As a general rule, I am not interested in pampering weekends, over-indulgent spas or fancy hotels for the sake of fancy hotels. Accommodation choices are usually fixed around cost and convenience, and so far my ...

Brush fire on side of Nimitz Boulevard

Man and dog leave with police

Police officers and firefighters arrived on the west side of Nimitz Boulevard near West Point Loma Boulevard at around 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 30. A man was sitting on the side of the road ...

Rundown on SDPD’s Homeless Outreach Team

Practical intervention for serial inebriates

While recently pulling into the Sports Arena Boulevard parking lot shared by Red Lobster, Phil's BBQ, and other businesses, I saw a San Diego Police Department van parking in front of me. (The SDPD also ...

Spain's Costa Brava awaits

The road was treacherous. It was mid-Feburary. The blustery weather showed no signs of mercy. Driving along the northeastern coast of Spain from France, I felt like I was living some kind of nocturnal Spanish ...

Ocean Beach residents decide on new sign design

They want it to be the same

There must be something special about that soaring seagull and that great big red letter O, which, like much of the community of Ocean Beach, leans to the left. The results of a long-awaited vote ...