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Beer of the Week: Hess Barrel-Aged Validus

URBN rolling out the barrel with the beer and spirit it housed

I’ve talked a lot about anniversary beers produced by local breweries for their partner bars and restaurants. Those beers are always special, but two neighboring businesses—URBN Coal Fired Pizza (3085 University Avenue, North Park) and ...

Mesmerizing Mycenae

Window into the ancient world.

About 1.5 hours outside Athens, Mycenae is one of the essential stops for any visitor to Greece with an interest in ancient history. Arriving here, you're awed not just by the site and the ruins, ...

Stairway to Heaven – Koko Crater Trail, Oahu

Everyone hikes Diamond Head, but for those in the know, Koko Crater is the place to hike. The little-known Koko Crater Trail hike surpasses Diamond Head not only for the level of hiking but also ...

North County Times online archives awash in the ether

U-T San Diego says back issues merging "as soon as possible."

Though the stated aim of the U-T San Diego has been to "merge'" with the North County Times, and loyal Times readers can still get their hands on ersatz NCT editions with a masthead that ...