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Grand-scale electrical theft continues in Tijuana

They call them diablitos

An estimated 10,000 Tijuana homes and more than 1000 businesses are stealing their electricity each month from Baja California's public utility, the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (Federal Electricity Commission). "Diablitos" — the popular term for ...

San Diego bicyclists get state protection from aggro drivers

“Three Feet for Safety Act” signed into law

On September 24, Governor Brown signed bill AB 1371, better known as the “Three Feet for Safety Act,” which will require motorists to give at least three feet of space when passing a bicyclist on ...

Fletcher 3.0 a Go?

EXCLUSIVE: SD on the QT uncovers possible cause of Jacobs support for Fletcher

There is no solid, reality-based reason why billionaire Irwin Jacobs should support Nathan Fletcher's campaign for mayor. But as Sherlock Holmes always said, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be ...

New Move From America's Finest Luchador

San Diego's own El Zephyr debuts the Fletcher Flip

El Zephyr, the San Diego-based luchador whose identity is known only to his sponsors at Lucha Libre Taco Shop, came forward today to announce his plan to debut a new wrestling move at next week's ...

Irwin Jacobs' Generous Political Grift — Gift!

Citing "personal epiphany," mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher decamps from Democratic Party, joins Qualcomm billionaire Jacobs' nonprofit San Diego Government Initiative. Fletcher: "I'm an SD GI; how could I resist an organization named SDGI? But seriously; ...

Vincent d'Indy at the Mingei

Balboa Park's free museum holds rare concert.

When’s the last time you heard a piece of music by Vincent d’Indy? Never is a perfectly acceptable answer. What if I told you there was a chance to hear this overlooked French composer on ...

Get paid to go to school

Four years of training and education, on the government’s dime

The Department of Defense seeks apprentices who want to get paid to work and go to school. First, please give me a brief overview of the program. We are a four-year Federal program based upon ...

Doyle Reno's "blind reverse" sculptures

Julian-based sculptor creates works in acrylic that he doesn't see until they are complete.

“I’ll try not to be too verbose,” says Doyle Reno, “but it does take some explaining.” He’s trying to define his sculpture process, by which he completes large-scale works of art that he doesn’t see ...

Are you a franchise player?

As baby boomers retire, franchising opportunities open up.

Todd and Lisa Orenstein work long hours at their Jersey Mike’s sub shop in Huntington Beach. But to the young couple, the hard work will pay off after their first year. It’s not just about ...

Meet Valley Center Brewery

Inland north county community poised to welcome its first brewery

Even locals with the slightest grasp of the craft beer movement can see how widespread it is within San Diego County. Breweries and brewpubs are opening up all over the place, pushing the geographic borders ...

Career obstacles...and how to overcome them

We all face obstacles in our jobs and careers. Some of those obstacles can be paralyzing. They lock some of us into a lifetime of frustration, lack of satisfaction, or just plain misery. Think about ...

Dog collapses on Lake Murray trail

Pavement too hot

On September 25 at 2:30 p.m., a dog named Chase collapsed at the two-and-a-half-mile mark on the Lake Murray running trail. Luckily, a kind woman was on hand to help the dog and his owner. ...

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