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Daughter of cyclist who was struck and killed by a City Water Truck to receive $425,000

City agrees to settle the case after spending three years in court

San Diego City Council will award a young woman a total of $425,000 for the death of her father, Juan Carlos Navarro, who was struck by and City water truck while riding his bicycle in ...

Group of horses found, captured in Boulevard

County Animal Services is looking for the owner of a half dozen horses discovered running wild through Cottonwood Campground in the East County mountain community of Boulevard. According to authorities, the county was contacted by ...

From La Jolla's Bottom Scratchers to today's scuba divers

I started to get dizzy, started to see lights

San Diego spear fishermen of today come from a lineage that began in the ’30s, with the Bottom Scratchers of La Jolla. Today there are less fish but the equipment is superior. Nevertheless, it’s easy to drown when a big sea bass takes you for a ride through a kelp ball.

Small-town Italy: Vernazza

Explore this highlight of northern Italy's Cinque Terre.

Life seems mellow and tranquil in the tiny, idyllic seaside town of Vernazza in Italy’s Cinque Terre. But the community suffered a traumatic experience in October 2011 when torrential rains led to a flash flood ...

Looking for the 99-cent Shish kabob

At Sagmani's in El Cajon, Kabob prices start waay low

"Eat onion in the morning. Give it to friends at noon. Give it to your enemies at night." That's the ancient wisdom on the power of onions from my friend Mr. Sagmani. He's Chaldean, a ...

La Mesa City Council talks term limits

Vice mayor Kristine Alessio’s proposal

At the October 8 La Mesa City Council meeting, discussion of a proposal to put a term-limit measure on the November 2014 ballot led to protests from two residents, support from seven others, and the ...

Spirited Away, A Beautiful Life

Spirited Away is Hayao Miyazaki’s opus. The film offers masterful storytelling and brilliant animation. Ten-year-old Chihiro, or “Sen” as she’s known after a witch steals her name, inadvertently finds herself in a secret world at ...

Salty skin

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and Emily Drew’s new EP, The Finer Things, reflect the struggles and happiness resultant of a life lived.

Savor every sip at 1994 Bar

“All four shareholders have a thing for 1994” at the 1994 Bar in Tijuana. There, you can “go anachronistalgic to “All Apologies” while choosing from over 35 beers.

Ordinary People, Bionic Woman Season 2

Ordinary People is a profoundly moving and unsentimental look at a family spiraling out of control after the death of one of their sons. The themes of unconditional love and forgiveness, or lack thereof, propel ...

Worship rock

Hailing the Lord and rock and roll at the same time.

Musicians Bill Maeda, Kenrick Buchanan, and Anthony West play in bands at San Diego churches. It is believed that worship rock is here to stay, due to the youthful congregants’ interest in music.

Jetpack dreams become reality

At Jetpack America, one can practice their corkscrews, backflips, and high-speed donuts over water. Over 150 bucks for 15 minutes, though.

Seasons of life

Therapist-songsmith Christine Parker’s Looking Glass LP includes songs spanning a 13-year period. “Each song served as a mirror, reflecting back to me who I was and what was happening in that moment.”

A view back into geologic time at La Jolla Shores

Encounter several natural habitats and an Indian acorn-grinding area on this short trail.

Green vinyl

Tower Bar owner Mick Rossler chooses the Lumps as the first band on his Tower Bar Records label.

Captain Phillips: Unacceptable exceptionalism

We've all got bosses.

If you can get past the bombastic score and the wavering, seasick camera and what is perhaps the hackiest, laziest opening-scene conversation of the year, you might find something remarkable in Captain Phillips: a quietly ...

The importance of seeing Travesties at Cygnet

Social revolution.

“Unaccompanied women smoking at the opera, that sort of thing?”

Hellboy, The Seventh Seal

Guillermo Del Toro’s films are about being in awe of the monster. Pan’s Labyrinth is in my all-time top ten. But my DVD pick for a Del Toro film would have to be Hellboy, with ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, October 10–16

Thursday 10The Residents of Amsterdam. With 40 records and 34 “Premonitions” over 33 years, the experiment that is the Legendary Pink Dots continues tonight at Casbah. Avant-gardeans Edward Ka-Spel and Phil (“the Silverman”) Knight are ...

Thinking Flashes in the Sky (Part 3)

UFO vapor trails in San Marcos

A look back on the Fourth of July weekend of 1947, when reports of UFOs went viral!

Diva Las Vegas

"That weekend, there were Bellagio-fountain-worthy waterworks, women traipsing naked in hotel hallways, bitchy pool encounters, and just enough scandalous activity to keep me interested."

Know your meat

No mechanical slaughter here, folks

I didn’t know sheep had rectangular pupils. I guess I’d never gotten close enough to notice. But there they were, pleading up at me as I held the animal’s head and torso in place over ...

The American Craft Beer Cookbook

A thorough, beer-centric author and cookbook you can trust

At the same time as I was getting into craft beer, I was discovering the amazingly wide-ranging culinary arts. Because of this brilliant accident, the thought of using good beer as an ingredient and finding ...

High-priced highbrow

How much does it take for the nonprofit San Diego Symphony to cut a deal to provide semi high culture on public land by the bay? By the latest lobbying report of Richard Ledford, it ...

Sandollar holds it down for San Diego

Fifteen minutes....

Baron Lunbeck admits surprise at learning his band Sandollar was singled out as San Diego’s best unsigned band and thus taped for an appearance on the web TV series Indie Across America..

Nathan Fletcher's heading south

Qualcomm has amended its lobbyist disclosure statement to add another task of influence to its already considerable agenda at San Diego’s city hall. According to the document, filed September 26, the corporate giant has dispatched ...

Murder folkies Vandaveer

What stands out about the new Vandaveer album is not so much the material — murder ballads and songs of self-ruin — as it is the way that it has been presented. Mark Heidinger is ...

Ask Greece about economic gains from Olympics

Liars line up to hype future Super Bowls, NCAA Final Fours, Olympics

Such balderdash that the expansion of the San Diego Convention Center or a new Chargers stadium would result in huge revenues from the hosting of Final Four tournaments, Super Bowls, or the Olympics. Poppycock!

The Fussy Fork

Does anything scream summer like fresh corn?

A blogger eats her way through San Diego in search of vegan restaurants.

A Bed for the Night

I have been informed that in New York City, At the corner of Broadway and 26th Street, Every evening during the winter A man solicits money from those passing by So a few homeless souls ...

Reader mail

Poor Souls Thoroughly enjoyed the article by T.B. Beaudeau,“Graveyard of the Godforsaken Gringos.” He is a talented author with a flair for description, and comparing the experience with one’s own life experience. We can all ...

“Presence of God” by Appar

Appar No man holds sway o’er us, Nor death nor hell fear we; No tremblings, griefs of mind, No pains nor cringings see. Joy, day by day, unchanged Is ours, for we are His, His ...