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Ramona fights solar panels

Wrong project, wrong place

Some Ramona residents don’t like at all the plan to install 42 acres of solar panels on a neighboring property…mostly for aesthetic reasons, despite assurances, promises, and revised plans from the contractor.

Tom yum and pizza on Park

Ed visits Bahn Thai and Red House Pizza in University Heights…eats tom yum and pizza for lunch.

The Mar Dels are 30 years strong but still backup-singer-challenged

The gigs just keep coming

“December 31, 1982, was the last New Year’s Eve that we didn’t work. Last year we played the Hotel Del. We’re booked to go back again this year.” Mar Dels founder Doug Allen admits he ...

Pier improvements in Imperial Beach

“At No Cost to the Taxpayers”

Strollers at the Imperial Beach Pier were recently greeted by a sign at the entrance proclaiming that improvements — mainly refurbishing and replacing worn, warped, wooden planks — are being carried out “at no cost ...

Parquet Courts

Light Up Gold could very well land in the stack of contemporary records that we will be listening to, and drawing inspiration from, in the coming decades. That’s a hot topic of late on social ...

A Dog's Purpose, by Bruce Cameron

What are you reading? “A Dog’s Purpose, by W. Bruce Cameron. I’m a graduate student in Speech and Language Therapy at SDSU, and I was reading it for one of my clients. It’s trying to ...

Zero competition

Sensori Collective cofounder Phil Sergi (aka Five05) aims to start a beats academy in Barrio Logan, Golden Hill, North Park, or University Heights.

NCAA baseball is a pig

The latest NCAA Division I baseball rankings have the University of San Diego at number 54 in the nation. Not bad, since there are, depending where you look, 296 or 298 schools in the Division ...

This week in the San Diego clubs, May 30–June 5

Thursday 30With Vacation, bedsit recorder Matt Adams announces the arrival of his fully realized Blank Tapes, the L.A.-via-Bay Area psych-pop band that has dipped K-Tel deep into ’70s summer fun. It’s a guilt-free bubble-gum-rock collection ...

Pomp and Resistance

It had been cold and cloudy when I’d dressed that morning, and the commencement ceremony wasn’t scheduled to begin until 4:30 p.m.; it never occurred to me that I might find myself trapped for over ...

Before Midnight: For starters, you’re crazy

Modern Greek drama

As Before Midnight draws near to its titular hour, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) gets a mid-argument chance to make a list of his beloved Celine’s (July Delpy) flaws. “Well, for starters, you’re fucking crazy,” he begins ...

Let it breathe

San Diego jazz artists Leonard Patton and Joshua White are heading to NYC to make a record with members of Pat Metheny’s Unity Band and other big-name musicians.

Go time: Rosarito to Ensenada

Minnie mice and proud inebriates on the road to Ensenada.

Lakeside's River Park

Sand mine becomes riparian willow forest in Lakeside.

This hike features the work of a local conservancy to restore this section of the San Diego River.

Yacht shopping

Heymatt: Where can I get a huge yacht like the one the Russian billionaire has parked in the harbor? I doubt you can just go down to the yacht store and pick one up. Is ...

New Orleans poaching

There’s been a bit of argument lately in San Diego over how and how much tourist tax money to spend promoting San Diego to out-of-towners as a visitor destination, but meanwhile the State of Louisiana ...

It was always about animals

From helping your hound die happy to equine acupuncture, veterinarian Cynthia Redfield makes house calls for ailing animals.

Star Wars fanboy question

Heymatt: Now that Disney owns the rights to Star Wars, do you or one of your Ewoks know if they are going to release the original, unmolested Star Wars movies IV-VI? As far as I ...

Staying awake behind the wheel

Heymatt: I do a lot of long-distance driving and keeping myself alert and wakeful is always a challenge. Drinking coffee and caffeinated energy drinks like Red Bull and whatnot is a pretty good strategy to ...

Gone drummer gone

Female-fronted garage-rockers Gone Baby Gone are once again minus a drummer. “Truth be told, our drummers seem to have commitment, health, or mental issues that keep them from playing shows, rehearsing, or touring,” says singer ...

Teaming up with Sempra

The Teamsters Union’s public affairs council and utility giant Sempra Energy have something in common: Both gave $2500 last week to the San Diego County Democratic Party, only the recent of many off-year special-interest contributions ...

Border sewage plant logs two violations since February

Far fewer than the norm

The border sewage plant that treats Mexican sewage, which the International Boundary and Water Commission oversees, has had two violations of treatment standards since February — far fewer than preceding years. One of the violations ...

Scripps institution of mystery

A replacement for Tony Haymet, the former director of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego and a global warming champion with close links to Democratic ex–vice president Al Gore ...

Blue Monday, or: Finding Serenity in San Diego

A San Diego visitor finds the place is good for uncluttering your mind.

Reader letters

Will Work for Suckers I just picked up the May 23 Reader, and I’m looking at the “artwork” on the cover, “She Gave Her Son an Ocean-View House, a New Lexus, and $130,000.” Whom do ...

Bug Splat

When a drone kills an insurgent (or whomever), it is called bug splat. Bug splat. That’s funny. Is it because it happens on a computer screen, or because they are killed by insects (drones)? or ...