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From cactus to clouds in SoCal

One of California's hardest hikes... the hard way.

“You in town?” Little did I know my text would lead to hiking 22 miles within the next 24 hours. Seriously. A marathon minus four miles – but with 10,500 feet of climbing, hurting, bonding, ...

Imperial Beach’s state of the city address to cost how much?

Potential political rival of Mayor Janney raises the question

The seemingly innocuous announcement of a “state of the city” address by the mayor of Imperial Beach has caused controversy after a potential political rival raised questions about the motives and cost of the event. ...

Gun protest on anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre

Walmart, Congress, NRA, Breaking Bad all culpable

About 40 men and women held a silent rally at Westfield North County Mall in Escondido on Saturday, December 14, the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass murder of 26 people at a Connecticut ...

Dig a hole: Joan Fontaine

Olivia de Havilland wins!

The mention of Melanie Hamilton in GWTW or the second Mrs. de Winter in Rebecca might be enough to jog a few memories, but seeing how it's been over 20 years since either Olivia de ...

The Humbug Holiday Spectacular at North Coast Rep

Occasional highlights can't raise the Joy-o-Meter for long.

When it is good, Phil Johnson and Omri Schein’s spoof of upbeat, life-affirming Christmas shows is very good. But when it is bad, and it is too often, the the writing flags, the comedy’s too ...

Hookah up in Sorrento Valley

AJ's Cave survives Hollywood intervention

This Thanksgiving, for once, I was neither cooking for a crowd nor eating with a crowd. It’s been an exhausting year, so John and I decided we were overdue for a long weekend of lazy ...

Lindbergh Field’s costly picnic table takes a bow

Artist-in-residence stages secretarial type-in and carved-table show

Back in April 2012. we first reported here about Sheryl Oring, a former newspaper writer and editor who was about to embark on a new gig as artist-in-residence at San Diego International Airport. Oring gave ...

San Marcos driver crashes into sign, hydrant, rail, canyon

Medical condition likely attributable to erratic driving

A 37 year-old man (unnamed in police report) seemed to have suffered a seizure or other medical condition on Saturday afternoon, December 14, before his car launched into a canyon near the California State University ...

Steve Jobs, Julian Assange appear in Playas de Tijuana

Young artists paint murals of their 21st century heroes

The Steve Jobs portrait by Albert M. Watson has been recreated on a wall in Playas de Tijuana right next to the bullfighting ring. The mural is located a block away from the beach and ...

2013’s Most Improved Breweries

Kicking off the year in review with beery betterment

Last week, I shared my opinion that Saint Archer Brewery just may be the most improved brewing company in San Diego over the last year. That assessment led me to the idea that I should ...

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