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Chillin' in El Chaltén

Explore this gorgeous, laid-back gateway to Patagonia.

In South America, religious icons are as common as sunrise, and shrines are ubiquitous. But a shrine studded with cigarette packs, bottles of beer and decks of playing cards? Welcome to El Chaltén, Argentina – ...

Harrowing tales of Lindbergh Field air traffic

Pilots and controllers concerned with operations at gussied-up landing strip

The gleaming new terminals at San Diego's Lindbergh Field, seemingly the ultimate in 21st-century transportation technology, bely a troubled air-traffic control system prone to outages and human error that are, in the words of one ...

Encinitas’ tallest Christmas tree strung with lights

Tree so big, it has its own address…seriously

The first Monday after Thanksgiving, December 2, was a big day above Moonlight Beach. That’s when Encinitas local Louie Ortiz with his volunteer crew, Bob Joval and Surfer Mike, came together, as Louie has for ...

Besnard Lakes — rock and roll at its chilling best

Not the first time the Besnard Lakes have been to town, but I can say with certainty that it was the best time. The Canadian indie-rock quartet has honed their skills to perform live a ...

Lawsuit seeks to halt Interstate 5 expansion

"Caltrans is stuck in a 1950s mentality…"

The Cleveland National Forest Foundation filed suit against the California Department of Transportation this week, seeking to stop construction on a $3.5 billion expansion of Interstate 5, known as the North Coast Corridor Project. The ...

Adventures in Adobada: Tacos El Paisa

Sherman Heights landmark remains true to the taste of Tijuana

In deference to the spirit of Yuletide cheer, let’s kick off our inquiry into the mesmerizing porcine monument known interchangeably as adobada and al pastor with a success story. Tacos El Paisa (2494 Imperial Avenue, ...

Waterfront bar customers demand beer

In celebration of 80 Years since Prohibition’s repeal

While the rest of the United States may be up in arms over the Second Amendment or argumentative about the First Amendment, the amendment that is of most concern to the owners and patrons of ...

Snow Globe, by Erasure

“Loving Man,” with its ecstatic gender-blurring one minute (“I’m A boy/I’m a girl/Who has everything”), bipolar furor at rejection the next, and frustrating refusal to climax musically, sounds dragged in from another project, matching the ...

Riverside spent $60,000 wooing San Diego leaders

California Strategies/Bob White behind PR push — but for what?

The San Diego Water Authority has a long-running battle with Los Angeles-based Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which provides water throughout the southern part of the state. The donnybrook goes to court this month. ...

Liquor-store owners sue the City of El Cajon

New alcohol-sales regulations are claimed to favor big-box retailers

The City of El Cajon will have to defend in federal court a newly adopted ordinance that places tougher regulations on liquor stores. Two liquor-store owners who own and operate three stores in El Cajon ...

Beer of the Week: Manzanita Danger Ranger

A brew celebrating the act and adventure of self-distribution

There’s more for small brewing companies to focus on than simply brewing beer. Once fully fermented and kegged, that beer has to somehow be transported to market. With the exception of a few new brewing ...

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