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All Things BBQ: Bubba's Smoke House

On the nature of sauce, its relevance to BBQ, and the best (and only) smoked ribs in La Jolla village.

If smoky flavor is the sine qua non of barbecued meat, then sauce is the desideratum. Barbecue without sauce is like the ocean without swell: beautiful, but where’s the fun? As much as meat choice, ...

Tijuana extortionists preyed on illegal border-crossers

Captured in the Zona Norte

José Manuel Rodríguez Lozano, 25, was detained last week in Tijuana’s Zona Norte as a presumed member of a group of kidnappers that had been terrorizing people trying to cross the border. According to Tijuana's ...

King Kong versus Godzilla

The Germans are here and they're angry.

The Germans are here and ready to rumble in the World Cup of Composers. This group has several contenders who could take it all. This bracket is brimming with rivalries and they’re not friendly. We’re ...

Hillcrest car-repair shop closure signals gentrification

Park Boulevard business “has indeed been an eyesore”

Town's Auto Repair at 3752 Park Boulevard in Hillcrest has repaired its last engine, carburetor, and transmission. The business was directly across from the DECA luxury condo development, on the northwest corner of Park Boulevard ...

Masquerade in Hillcrest

Masks of all types on the scene at Snooze charity event.

Last weekend I went to a masquerade party at Snooze in Hillcrest. It ended up being a bit of a disaster — not the event itself, as Snooze raised over $2,000 for Feeding America San ...

Small-town Italy: a Tuscan welcome, Greve in Chianti

8th in a series. Derek Ray finds good wine and the simple life in Tuscany.

While visiting Florence, I took the opportunity to spend a few nights in a little town about 30 kilometers to the south called Greve in Chianti. The Chianti region, well known for its Chianti Classico ...

Paul Walker is dead, no word on The Fast & the Furious film franchise

"Oh, my God," said my friend, staring at her smartphone. "Paul Walker died in a fiery crash." For a split-second, it registered as maybe a joke. Paul Walker? The star of the Fast & Furious ...

Beer Touring: Nickel Beer Co.

World Beer Cup award-winning brewer debuts solo project in Julian

Gazing downhill at a former jailhouse, being met by a cuttingly chilly wind carrying with it the scent of freshly cut cedar — this was my introduction to Nickel Beer Company (1485 Hollow Glen Road, ...

Tijuana leads Mexico in tuberculosis cases

On average, 1000 diagnosed each year

Dr. Rafael Laniado Laborín, head of the multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis clinic at Hospital General de Tijuana, recently told El Mexicano that the clinic diagnoses an average of 1000 TB cases a year, leading Mexico in the ...

Cardiff's Masonic Lodge vacant

New housing development could take its place

Neighborhood residents have been wondering what’s up with the empty Cardiff by the Sea Masonic Lodge at 1401Windsor Road. The large building from the 1950s was used for decades as a social gathering spot for ...

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