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Tasty Prince Edward Island

A visit to foodie heaven.

Prince Edward Island, Canada, is called the birthplace of Canada – it was the site where they became a confederation in 1864. In 2014, they will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Charlottetown Conference leading ...

Wallet stolen during Zona Norte tryst

American has second thoughts when faced with young teens

An American in search of some pay-for-play sex in Tijuana on Good Friday inadvertently led police to a man pimping out teenaged girls after the American's wallet was stolen by a 13-year-old prostitute. In a ...

Community garden at Robb Field?

Collier Park waiting list too long

An unremarkable dirt lot at the extreme northwest edge of Robb Field could make a dandy place for people who want to grow their own vegetables if an Ocean Beach man has his way. Just ...

Allied Gardens to re-make itself, but how?

About 50 people attended the March 26 Allied Gardens Community Council Town Hall meeting where a panel discussed issues related to updating the 1982 Navajo Community Plan, a document focused on the neighborhoods of Allied ...

Karl Strauss firkin serious about cask ale

San Diego brewing company debuts new Cask Series of beers

Back before I swirled, sniffed and savored every sip of my beer, some of my close friends and I frequented Karl Strauss Brewing Company’s Sorrento Mesa brewery restaurant (9675 Scranton Road, Sorrento Mesa). Back then, ...