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State university tax-exempt foundations funnel cash to Brown's tax hike bid, spurn Munger measure

Proposition 30, the ballot measure backed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown to raise California taxes, is getting a significant financial lift from tax-exempt foundations that were set up to benefit and perform services for the ...

Red-Light Cameras Go Nuts in Vista

In the busiest part of the day, the traffic lights at the intersection of Santa Fe Drive at Vista Village Drive in downtown Vista went off around 11:50 a.m. on September 14, due to the ...

Greenland: The Beauty of Climate Change

I looked out the window of the plane as it approached the southeast end of Greenland at twenty-odd thousand feet and was happy to see the cloud cover was clearing. I could see the coastline ...

San Diego City Attorney Passes on Fireworks Litigation

The September 13 special session of the San Diego City Council included several routine “consent items” on the adoption agenda, including one involving a legal matter. Item-604 concerned “authority to enter into contract for legal ...

Encinitas Neighbor Loves Their Trash

Encinitas resident Jonathan Hulsh appeared before the city council on September 12 in order to share photos of a neighboring home on the 700 block of Passiflora Avenue, which he cites as a "personal garbage ...

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