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Busy, Busy KGB

This is regarding the music article titled “Homegrown” by Dave Good, August 16.

There are many San Diegans who grew up listening to 101 KGB-FM throughout the 1970s and beyond. Rock DJs Jim McInnes (who joined KGB-FM in 1974) and Jeff Prescott (in August 1975) are legendary. They were the voice of reason, charm, and personality, including real passion, working and representing KGB-FM. There were there at the right time. Even as a 13-year-old kid, I could relate to their sense of humor and the topics of the day. They could really make the younger KGB listeners feel good about themselves and, just as important, they would play pure rock music, classic ’60s and current ’70s, as rock was evolving into progressive heavy rock. KGB also took pride in their anti-disco movement. I always felt a connection with 101 KGB-FM as a rock station. They did everything right on. They seemed to cater to your needs, especially as the 1970s were developing and changing before your eyes. It was great to be a teenager.

The Homegrown albums were the first of their kind, making their debut in October of 1973, courtesy of 101-KGB. Profits from album sales went to the United Way of San Diego. The song that started it all was titled “Chula Vista,” written by Dougl Drill. The band was Rose and the Arrangements. Other song favorites were “Spring Valley Sally” on Homegrown 1, recorded by Montezuma’s Revenge, and “Black’s Beach,” by the Island (written by Barry Fox), “Logan Avenue Blues,” by Good News (written by J. Noone and Ted Picor), “Gypsies from Bonsall,” by Larry Weir, “Dago from Diego” and “I Can See the Point,” performed by Pete Filacio and the Fantasy Band (who just happens to be my uncle, by the way, and knows Jim McInnes). Yes, indeed, the Homegrown albums are legendary and are very important to San Diego history.

I would like to include the KGB Chicken, who was hatched in the spring of 1974, and performed with Elvis Presley in concert in 1976. Also, at the Sports Arena in 1976, the KGB chicken was jailed for disturbing the peace at an Aerosmith concert. He is mostly known for his humourous acts during the Padres games, even though he would leave KGB before 1980 and become “The Chicken,” his trademark design, not KGB’s, though he still performed throughout the 1980s. In fact, the chicken was rehatched out of a giant egg at a Padres game — I believe in 1984. To most San Diegans, he will forever be known as the KGB chicken. That is, if you grew up with him.

Last, but not least, what sets KGB apart from all the rest is the spectacular KGB sky shows. They were the first to broadcast live and have synchronized rock music with a massive fireworks display, this nostalgic tradition belonging to San Diego since April of 1976. Anyone who ever attended a rock concert and KGB sky show combined at the stadium will always remember how epic it was. The atmosphere was a rare sight to behold. As the day turned into night, it was a never-ending party for 60,000 concert-goers inside the stadium, including the grass playing field that turned into a sea of people — a scenario you could never forget. Also, the parking lot was transformed into party central, the apex of all parties, a place where you had the freedom to barbecue, bring your own coolers of ice-cold beer (kegs included), hang out with people you just met and share food, drink and nice stories. It’s incredible how a stadium parking lot can offer everlasting memories.

In conclusion, even though times have changed, the sky shows continue to be spectacular. Take part in San Diego tradition and nostalgia, courtesy of 101 KGB-FM.

Tony A. Metal
Spring Valley

Oh, You White People

I’m calling about your article “Afro Puffs” from July 12. I also find it very offensive. I have three very beautiful black girls — women. Two of them are married, one of them to a very well-off, rich white man; one of them to a very well-off black man. I have another black daughter, and she’s very well wanted by everybody. I have a sister married to a white man.

Whoever put that in the newspaper must have been talking about themselves, because there’s a lot of us black women who are wanted by a lot of men. These black men who are taken by mistake by whites and Hispanics, it’s only for their money. When they wake up to see what’s really happening, they’ll be smart.

That was very wrong to put that in your article. I know a lot of you white people and you Mexicans don’t like black women because you feel that we’re inferior to you. But we aren’t. We’re more upstanding than you guys. Somebody had to really be hating on us to put that in there. To the white person that put that in there, why don’t you show your face? You’re not as beautiful as you think. Black don’t crack. By the time you turn 60, you’re going to look like bullshit. Black women look very beautiful when they’re in their 60s, 70s, and 80s, and you guys are going to look like bullshit.

When you start putting down black women, you need to think twice. We’re very well-educated, ok? We’re not going to have that from you white people going on and on and on about disgracing us and discarding us. Take another look at yourself. We’re just as beautiful as you white people are. So, stop with the bullshit.

Name Withheld
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1ELISAGALEZ Oct. 17, 2012 @ 11:57 p.m.

The people is getting very confused with this history for the way is been posted one story after another..

I just realized that are getting involved frank's story with mine... . How could I forget my first language when what is learned hardly forget, the Spanish will always be my native language...

And also i have lived inside usa during 8 years only from March 2003 thru July 2011 to be exact...


KristinFannin Oct. 18, 2012 @ 10:28 a.m.

I just read the letter titled "Oh, You White People". Are you kidding me? That female who had so much to say yet withheld her name could not be more racist and bitter if she tried. "Whites and hispanics are only with black men for their money." "By the time you turn 60, you're going to look like bullshit. Black women look very beautiful when they're in their 60's, 70's and 80s, and you guys are going to look like bullshit." I find it absurd you published this letter. Even more absurd this woman claims she's educated after making a statement like that. I think the majority of your readers have had their fill of negative letters regarding the Afro Puffs cover story. Kristin Fannin


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