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Town & Country Con

Town and Country Resort and Convention Center hosts a smallish comic convention put on by originators of Comic-Con.

Family Reunion 2012

It’s summertime in Seattle and the sun is shining as i cruise lakeside to where the Gaytons meet Leschi Lincoln Park First A.M.E. We gather together to greet the heirs of John Thomas (JT) and ...

Busted Drums

Drummer Bill Ray complains about the house electronic drum kit that Viejas’ V Lounge mandates all drummers use. It’s busted, Ray says. No, it’s not, says Viejas.


Thursday 18How does a Portland-based punk ’n’ roll band end up calling itself New York Rifles? Tell hometown hit Courtney Taylor-Taylor you’re in need of a name, and the Dandy will lay one on you. ...

The Toadies' Dark Secret

“I was reading Stephen King and a lot of that kind of stuff at the time, and I wrote a bunch of fiction songs,” Vaden Todd Lewis once told me about a song he wrote ...

Dan Deacon — DJ Rock Star

This is the age of the rock-star DJ. Where once anonymous technicians lurked behind turntables and electronics, now there are household names (more or less) with trademarked haircuts and masks. These guys (and they are ...

Rob Deez’s Hobbit Name Would Be Brown Paper Baggins

"I’m a comedic singer-songrhymer,” says Rob Deez, “which basically means that I can appeal to many different audiences. The comedic side fits in at comedy shows, the singer side works at coffee shops and bars, ...

San Diego Restaurants to Try at Least Once

Even if it weren’t my job to go out and look for new places to eat, I still wouldn’t be able to eat the same thing over and over again. I rarely visit any place ...

San Diego's Best Fried Chicken

The background photo on my brother’s iPod shows a plate of fried chicken and waffles from Roscoe’s up in Los Angeles. Before dining there, he had never enjoyed the two foods together, and he was ...

Now You Know: Wild Wild Wets

You have every right to instantly like WWW when you read their Facebook bio: “Sounds like Elvis on acid buttf!!!ing Brian Wilson in the face.” Then you see the genre listed as “Rolling down a ...

Accessible Gourmet Fare

Mid-range restaurants, gastropubs, and shops taking things to the next level.

Nowadays, I spend much of my time eating in restaurants or locked up in my office documenting those experiences. But before I wrote my first word about food, most of my time was spent in ...

Unforgettable: The Trail of Torment on Gold Mountain

At midnight, Rufus Porter heard footsteps on the porch, then a knock on his bedroom door. Frightened faces told all.

Zumba Shimmy

Zumba classes are more than “Here’s my butt, here’s my butt.”

The Spirit of Family Dinnertime

Restaurants that feel like home.

Places where food is created with care, where the service is warm and welcoming, and where you can relax and reconnect with family and friends.

Shark Tank

Every so often I find myself confronted by a seemingly innocuous phrase that rubs me the wrong way. This week, the offending line is “Don’t let it get to you,” a sentiment that simultaneously comforts ...

More Than the Dish or the Deal

Restaurants you can take to heart.

There are some places that you kinda take to heart. They’re more than the dish or the deal. Something clicks about the people and the place, and you want to come back and be a part of it. These are just some.

Lunchtime in Kearny Mesa

I’m just an average guy who likes to eat, cook, and travel. Food is the window through which I see the world. It’s through various cuisines that I learn about history and culture. It’s the ...

Park N Ride Pranksters in Cardiff?

Sometime prior to Labor Day weekend (September 1–3), orange safety pylons, connected with yellow caution tape, were placed in the Cardiff Park N Ride lot on Birmingham Drive at I-5. The pylons blocked off 11 ...

Cabrillo National Monument's Bayside Trail

This spectacular hike showcases San Diego’s skyline, Coronado, and the bay.

The Jouster

Where do you get joust training? Knight school!

Jouster Jeffrey Hedgecock of Ramona is one of three Medieval armourers in the U.S.

Restaurants for Hardworking Foodie Freelancers

A roundup of eateries that are open when you, the hardworking foodie freelancer, need them to be.

Commercials: The New Frontier

Vokab Kompany and other San Diego bands sign on to do jingles for Metropolitan Transit District.

UCAN: Misspelled Accounts Add Up

UCAN director Michael Shames neutered the consumer watchdog organization by skimming over $400,000 in “intervenor fees,” among other dubious tactics.

Sergio Lopez fired a gun but his attorney said it was unintentional

The jury went easy on him though his record stretches back

The voice on the phone warned the woman to watch herself and not to go to sleep at night. The man asked if she had “any last words” and said, “Nobody can help you.” The ...

First Lutheran Church of San Diego

Interview with Wilbert “Wilk” Miller of First Lutheran Church of San Diego, in its 125th year.


Incredibly Slanted I’m calling about the article “Deported” in your October 11 issue. Not only is it incredibly slanted, but it absolutley makes no sense, and here’s what I mean. Elizabeth Gonzalez paid a coyote ...