My own personal take on it was that Ms. Salaam was absolutely obsessed with race, and the breakdown of race, everywhere she went. That’s the only thing that really stuck with me. Everywhere she went she had this freakish obsession with counting the races in all groups. That seemed bizarre and, dare I say, racist.

I’m black, Irish, and Gypsy. And I just find myself around people everywhere. And lots and lots of them, I must say.

I’m having a blast with the impact of the article and congratulations to you, because I’m sure it’s not decreasing your readership.

I just had to say something to you. Frankly, it’s fun! It really is!

Name Withheld

Just Chill, People

This is concerning the “Afro Puffs” article back in July. Everybody needs to get over this thing. All I’m reading is racism. One person used the word “half-breed.” Everybody needs to get over it. There are no real black people; there are no African blacks anymore. Everyone’s got a smattering of white in them. They’ve been here for four-hundred years.

All the people that misread the article and sent letters to Mrs. Obama better not forget that her husband’s a half-breed! All the girls that got a rise out of this better check themselves. If they feel so bad about themselves, they should do something about it.

Other than that, I read the article. It was no big deal. Most of the people didn’t event read the article — they just skimmed through it and saw a picture of a little girl on the front. Everybody needs to just chill on this “Afro Puffs” crap.

C.W. Wilson
Pacific Beach

The Free Is Gone

Several of my friends and I are upset because you used to list a lot of free concerts in churches and different places, that covered all different kinds of groups. We only see one or two in there now and they’re very expensive. We just can’t afford to go to those. We were wondering why all of a sudden you’re not putting them in. That’s what we would like to see you do more of again. We miss going to a lot of these things.

I found something the other day on, which I just went to today and it was very enjoyable, but you haven’t had anything in yours for quite awhile now. We wish you could put that back in there.

Judith Levenson
La Mesa

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