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Elizabeth from Acapulco and Frank from Tepic glad to be back in Mexico


"The only good thing that America brought me was my son. I want to stay here in Mexico."

Thrusters' Basil Hendricks

The bar manager at Thrusters Lounge Matthew Compton claims that the Basil Hendricks is a “perfect summer cocktail.” “It’s not something,” he says, “I could see someone drinking in the middle of winter in the ...

Black Moses

Hip-hop promoter Reggie Sinatra to bring Talib Kweli to the Show Palace, a Latin-music venue.

Clevenger Canyon South

A lofty perch offers impressive views of San Pasqual Valley clear to the ocean

Danged Tasty

Ed Bedford sniffs out the tostilocos (a newish Tijuana street food) in National City.

Monumental: Military Dog Memorial in Encinitas

The Rancho Coastal Humane Society’s military working dog (MWD) memorial is the first of its kind on America's West Coast. Dedicated on April 16, 2011, the monument is to honor "all military working dogs and ...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jack!

Silent Comedy’s Joshua Zimmerman was a really good kid, alcoholically speaking.

Beercan in the Garden

After the poetry reading, Bukowski was supposed to go to a Tea in his honor, yes, a Tea, and cookies, for Bukowski, sponsored by the good people of the nearby First Assimilationist Church, no, no ...

Boyish Bravado

Is chillwave dead?

I’m Sure, the newest effort from La Jolla–via–Mexico City bedroom-dreamer Twin Cabins (Nacho Cano), is the definitive soundtrack to star-crossed late adolescence. While Cano’s earlier releases explored more introspective, ambient textures, I’m Sure finds footing ...

Nothing Creepier Than The Shining

I first saw The Shining when I was 15. My brother and I were trying to find a scary movie, and my mom suggested it. I remember being hesitant because I assumed it would be ...

String Theory

String Theory Scientists are still trying to find out what makes the cosmos tick. I don’t even know what makes my dad work, bright thwarted man that he is, would have outdone us all, had ...

Good People at the Old Globe; Exit Interview at the Rep

Margie’s lived all her life in blue-collar South Boston. Now 30 years since she was a teen, she recounts the fates of former “Southies.” Sheila Sheen od’d. And Marty McDermott’s doing time in Walpole prison. ...


Recipe by Jack Fisher, Executive Pastry Chef, Urban Kitchen Group

Cucina Urbana pastry chef Jack Fisher used to work on the savory side.

Bunny v. Bunny

Flogging Molly bassist Nathen Maxwell sends cease-and-desist letter to Bunny Gang, alleging they have no rights to the name because he was using it three years ago.

Doing is King

San Diego makes an excellent first impression on blogger Alzano Edullega.

Better Than Diamonds

I pulled my bare feet onto the bed and smiled awkwardly at the stranger in the room. David and I watched as the man excavated a shard of glass from behind a sofa cushion. He ...

The Armourer of Ramona

Jeffrey Hedgecock, 43, of Ramona, makes armour. Think knights, Middle Ages, helmets, sallets, breastplates, gauntlets, faulds, greaves, poleyns, spaundlers, the whole deal, tip to toe. Making Medieval armour puts you in an exceedingly select guild. ...

Aero Club's 600 Whiskeys

The Aero Club on India Street offers 600 whiskeys and 1 apple-pie moonshine.

Banga, Say Banga

Thursday 11Canadian multimedia artist Claire Boucher, known best by her stage name Grimes, delivers this year’s Polaris-nominated Visions to Porters Pub at UCSD. Her third full-length, and first for indie flagship 4AD, Visions has been ...

The XX

I stood in the balcony to watch the XX play a show in 2010. The British band’s debut record had come out the previous year, and audiences on both sides of the Atlantic were falling ...

Lord Howler

Lord Howler: the name fits the band. Consider a four-piece hard-rock outfit, two of which are guitars along with drums and bass and all of it performed at a volume setting for those kinds of ...

Where Crows Fly, How Squid Are Caught, and the "Toots" That Rhymes with "Puts"

Heymatt:Last September you said that ravens go “somewhere” at the end of the day to go over the day’s events, or something to that effect. I live in Spring Valley and at sunup I see ...

In Memoriam

The San Diego Association of Realtors has traveled a long and bumpy lobbying road. Last December, it agreed to pay a $500 fine to settle charges brought by the City’s Ethics Commission that it chronically ...

Rancho Santa Politica

These days, it seems any self-respecting superrich neighborhood needs its own political action committee to watch over business in Sacramento. One example is “Residents for a Secure Future, Sponsored by the Rancho Santa Fe Association.” ...

Prop 32’s loophole may silence an important voice

SEIU top political spender

In the past several months, the initiative to stop corporate and union payroll deductions for political purposes has taken a drubbing up and down California. Appearing as Proposition 32 on the ballot for the November ...

U-T and Port: Bring in the Clowns

The notion of a bayside football stadium is “felony dumb.”

U-T San Diego Publisher Doug Manchester pushes for a Tenth Avenue terminal football stadium. But the numbers suggest San Diego would be trading good-paying jobs with low-paying service jobs.


Back To The Cornfields After viewing Fast Times at Ridgemont High in 1982, had a journalist set out to San Diego to get the scoop on surfers for the Des Moines Cityview, would an incredibly ...