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Shoestring Travel: Rome

Taking you to European destinations on a dime (3 of 7).

After several days in Berlin, the next stop on our fabulous European adventure was Rome. Neither of us had ever been to Rome before, so we were quite excited to see some of the Eternal ...

Centipede Hz, by Animal Collective

The pop tendencies of 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion have been put on the back burner for AnCo's latest release. It's not a bad thing, but c'mon, a little pop can never hurt. What does hurt ...

The Merry Cemetery in Maramureş, Romania

In the twenty-four years of my life I spent in Romania, I never had the occasion to visit a unique place in Transylvania called the Merry Cemetery. So, about two months ago, I called my ...

Shins deliver at Open Air

Opening act Washed Out showed how a 1980s synth-pop sound, so in vogue these days, works well live. Despite the mumbled vocals, the textural polyphony of chillwave synthesizer tracks sounded marvelous through the amphitheater’s crystalline ...

I Collect My Paycheck With Pride

The average salary in California is $29,000 for a wildland firefighter to $76,000 for a fire management officer.

La Jolla Villa up for Auction

It's a name-your-own-price auction for an 8400-square-foot custom villa perched on a 140-foot wide oceanfront bluff in La Jolla. New York-based real estate auctioneer Sheldon Good & Company is looking for buyers who might be ...

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