Suffice it to say that this Republican allows the views of others and does not insult them even when he disagrees. This Republican cares about all God’s creatures but understands that limiting government is in the best interest of all of us, and that the government cannot spend more than it takes in in taxes without destroying our economy by printing money causing inflation and thereby making all of us poorer. This Republican is not interested in being insulted again. Shame on Mr. Wilk, or whomever does your puzzle, for letting his or her personal bias drive them to insult such a large group of people who love their country deeply but think differently about it than he does.

Kenneth Reynolds
via email

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mymarkx Oct. 4, 2012 @ 4:56 p.m.

With regard to the News Ticker item, “False Arrest and Battery: Lawsuit filed over voter-registration arrest,” about Democratic Party organizer Ray Lutz, both Dave Rice and Vivian Marlene Dunbar have the facts wrong.

Ray is lying. I was there when Ray was arrested and he was not arrested for registering voters. Registering voters is fully allowed at Civic Center Plaza and many people have walked around with clipboards registering voters without being arrested.

Ray was arrested for setting up a table. The police were enforcing a regulation against structures that was used primarily to prevent Occupy San Diego protesters from having tents, bookcases, tables, chairs, or any other structures in Civic Center Plaza. The political parties that erected tables and tents to register voters at swearing in ceremonies for new citizens, had permits to do so, but Ray did not. The regulation against structures may be an unconstitutional infringement against protected speech, as Ray contends, but that would have to be decided by a court.

If Ray had printed up a few hundred flyers urging people to register to vote, and then thrown them all over the ground in Civic Center Plaza, would he be exempt from regulations against littering because the purpose was to get out the vote?

If Ray had brought a gun to Civic Center Plaza and threatened to shoot people unless they registered to vote, would he be exempt from laws against threatening people with a weapon just because his purpose was to get out the vote?

Had Ray set up his table to gather support for the San Diego Police Department or for homeless orphans, he still would have been arrested for setting up the table. Had he walked around with a clipboard to do so, he would not have been arrested. Ray deliberately set up the table to get publicity.

Nobody, least of all the police, is trying to stop anyone from registering to cast an uncounted, unverifiable vote for people who can't be held accountable. That is the right of any eligible citizen. Perhaps the reason there is so much hostility towards people registering voters is because many of us are tired of casting uncounted, unverifiable votes for people who can't be held accountable.


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