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San Diego's obsessive surfers

This selfish pursuit

Interviews with San Diego surfers who describe the lengths they go to in search of stoke.

Aerial Assault on Larvae in Lakeside

This helicopter, owned by Hummingbirds Helicopters Inc. of Valley Center, was recently conducting an aerial assault on mosquito larvae in ponds along the San Diego River. This particular chopper was spraying larvicide onto the edges ...

Getting old-looking? Supercharge your skin!

My college friend Sarah is hitting a milestone birthday this year. The number shall remain secret. The ladies in our dance group want to shower her with gifts, and they’re thinking makeup. “Eve, can you ...

Navajo Canyon Open Space

Explore an urban canyon with a riparian area and over 100 palm trees.

Explore an urban canyon with a riparian area and over 100 palm trees.

Chula Vista Project Raises Ethics Questions for Council Members

Residents who live near a proposed development called Lake Pointe in the eastern part of Chula Vista were stunned that the city council voted last week to change the general plan to accommodate a 284 ...

Shepard Fairey's Graphic Activities

Shepard Fairey avoids a six-month prison sentence for lying to prosecutors.

Party with Centerfolds

Hardcore rap-rockers Hi Def Dynamite regroup after a decade apart.

A Tijuana Spring in the Entrepreneurial Sector

Today, out of the 35 shops at Pasaje Gomez, all but two are rented as artists’ spaces, bookstores, cafés, clothing stores, and even a music school.

Observation Hour

I thought it would take more than the promise of seeing a few dogs to incentivize making a trip to El Cajon in the middle of a heat wave. The temperature climbs one degree for ...

Eddie Long's '56 Pickup

Name: Eddie Long Car: 1956 GMC pickup; 1950 Ford sedan Is this your daily driver? Yes. I also have a ’50 Ford sedan. I’ve had a lot of older cars. What was your favorite car? ...

The Church of Yeshua Ha Mashiach

Membership: 50 Denomination: Nondenominational/interdenominational Pastor: Dennis Hodges Age: 57 Born: Chicago Formation: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL; International Theological Seminary, Bradenton, FL; Ashford University, Clinton, IA Years Ordained: 7 years San Diego Reader: What is ...

Healing Sounds

"I don’t know how it happened.” Ricky Soltero is surprised to see the emergence of both shoegaze and dreampop in the rock clubs along Calle Sexta in downtown Tijuana. He plays there in a band ...

Was Ike Turner Murdered?

Jeanette Bazzell Turner believes there was a conspiracy to kill her former husband Ike Turner.

Partner in Grime

Thursday 4Longtime partner in grime Gaslamp Killer (Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi) this year broke out with his first solo set, the appropriately titled Breakthrough, out now via Lotus’s Brainfeeder label. GLK breaks down the shapes of ...

The Ultramind Solution

What are you reading? “The UltraMind Solution, by Dr. Mark Hyman. It’s about a doctor who had a very good diet when he was in college and medical school, but after he graduated and got ...

Yoga May Be More Swedish Than Indian; and College Area’s Eruv

Heymatt:Massage has been an effective therapy for thousands of years. It started a long time before there was a country called “Sweden.” So, how come it’s called “Swedish massage?” — E. Gregor, University City It’s ...

Feeling Manly

Slurpin’ at Pho Vinh Vietnamese Noodle House in deepest Chula Vista.


In writing this last poem I will have to include everything: the contests lost like tears in darkened theaters, the rain stopped on the waxed hood of the ambulance, my wet shoes — even the ...

Throwing Frisbee in Alaska

It's freezing, it's dark, it's time for Frisbee golf.

Sharks in Swampland

La Jolla Playhouse stages David Mamet's blowtorch comedy Glengarry Glen Ross.

Dr. Dog: Bad Band Name with Good Things Going for Them

The guys in Dr. Dog aren’t going to set any fashion trends. They aren’t particularly charismatic. They don’t have a sound that fits into a trendy cubbyhole. They don’t have a terribly interesting backstory. They ...

The Melodic Scheme of the Queers

Maybe we all hold a certain fascination for bands with offensive names. That, and there always has been, at least on my part, a compulsion to hear the inner voice of a class of people ...

Tax Hikes and California's Free Movie Grants

Times seem to be getting better for the City of San Diego, judging from a recent “request for quotation” for the cost of presenting free movies in local parks. According to the document, the expense ...

Brew House at Eastlake Closes — Why?

The Brew House at Eastlake closed its doors for good a couple days ago, leaving many more San Diegans out of work. On the morning of Monday, October 1, some employees and patrons were surprised ...

Rearranging the Lobby

A lot of top lobbyists, registered to do business at San Diego’s city hall, spent a busy summer shuffling their client lists around. The biggest and most intriguing of the changes, local political insiders say, ...

San Diego, one of the five richest cities in the U.S. Wow. Details?

A lot of blue-collar jobs have gone away

Brains and bucks go together. Cities with the highest percentage of adults with a bachelor’s degree or more tend to enjoy higher household incomes. Look no further than San Diego. On September 20, the American ...

San Diego water bill outrage

‘You can’t leave me at home with kids and no water"

A harrowing tale of San Diego’s waterworks bureaucracy.

Doing is King

The real estate market is like underwear.


Groceries & Free Speech I would like to comment on the News Ticker item, “False Arrest and Battery: Lawsuit filed over voter-registration arrest,” regarding a gentleman by the name of Ray Lutz. Apparently, Ray ran ...