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Tijuana artists, musicians, filmmakers –"destined to be ignored by our own country"

We don’t belong to Mexico and we don’t belong to the U.S.

Few have captured Tijuana's cool new vivacity like filmmaker Aaron Soto.

La Mesa to Vote on Pot Shops; Council Reviews Crime Stats

A ballot item approved in a 4-1 vote at the November 13 La Mesa City Council meeting means voters will decide in November 2014 whether medical marijuana dispensaries will be allowed in the city. Mayor ...

Drill, Baby, Drill in Hillcrest

Patrons at the Uptown shopping center were treated to several hours of deafening noise today, November 14, as Boart Longyear Drilling Services drilled 147 feet below the surface of the parking lot. Workers on the ...

Sweetwater Schools Forum Makes Policy Clear as Mud

Concerned Sweetwater Union High School District parents and residents lined up to ask superintendent Ed Brand questions at a November 8 meeting. They wanted an accounting of the money they have paid into the 17 ...

Spider invasion, peculiar freeway foam, scars and tats forever

Heymatt:I’ve been living in my house in University Heights for 65 years and I’ve never had a spider problem like this one. These little buggers are festooning the roof tiles like Christmas tinsel. They’re on ...

Portobello Mushroom Flatbread

Recipe by Cliff Pleau, culinary director, Seasons 52 My earliest memory of wanting to be a chef was when I was about four years old. I was still sucking my thumb and my dad was ...

In Ida's time

Chris lifts up Guinness number 66. “I’m aiming for 100,” he says. “You get five free pints for every 100 pints you drink, and your name on that ‘Guinness Century Club’ plaque.” He indicates a ...

Where to go for Thanksgiving turkey

"Don’t cook for Thanksgiving this year,” said Patrick’s mother. “You know what?” I answered. “I’m not going to fight you on that. It’s been a long year.” “So, where should we go? Our treat.” I ...

Whaling Bar & Grill's Sazerac

According to the Whaling Bar & Grill’s bar manager Scotty Moises, the establishment took its name when it opened in the early 1950s from the mural that hangs over the bar, The Whale’s Last Stand. ...

Commune to quit

San Diego club-goers who smoke cigarettes take part in quit groups started by Rescue Social Change Group, funded through a grant from the University of California, San Francisco.

No air guitar!

Interview with Steve Weinberger, author of the book No Air Guitar Allowed.

Time to jam

Trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos did his last Wednesday-night gig at El Camino bar/restaurant on October 31.

Boz Scaggs

The song that transformed Boz Scaggs’s career is simple to the point of monotony. Except for the guitar break, there are two chords: an Em9 that resolves into a jazzy A13 over and over and ...

Dripping Springs Trail

This Agua Tibia Wilderness hike has dramatic vistas and a variety of vegetation types.

For the Bounty We Are About to Crush

Thursday 15“Opinions expressed are subject to being personal, unfunny, and full of typos.” Rosemary Bystrak, blogger and all-around all-arounder, will celebrate six years of her very excellent reportage on the San Diego scene @SD:Dialed In. ...

Future of the Left plots against common sense

A couple of weeks before the election, I looked up a Future of the Left video online, but before I could see it I had to sit through a campaign ad for Rep. Michele Bachmann. ...

Blood money

Thom Beebe, owner of Guitar and Bass Land/Skin City Drums in El Cajon won’t deal in used musical equipment anymore due to an increase in secondhand/pawnshop permit fees.

NFL Gambling Edition

Wager Nation needs allies

New Jersey moves to legalize betting on football. Will they be stopped?

Mildly Hallucinated

Disturbing strangeness at the Museum of Photographic Arts.

Imperial Beach Access to Border Park Closed After Rains

Just a month after the U.S. Border Patrol promised better public access to Monument Mesa in the historic Border Field State Park, the gates to the mile-and-a-half-long road from the park entrance to the mesa ...

Guilt Bot

I don’t usually listen to voicemail left by robots, but this one was from my health-insurance company, so I stayed on the line long enough to jot down the 800 number I was instructed to ...

What am I doing here?

Meet Buddy, an East Coast transplant, cultural chameleon, and private Peace Corpsman who knows the joy of being alive.

Tierrasanta Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Found at a 1984 Padres game: God

Membership: 525 Pastor: Gary McCary Age: 60 Born: Needles, CA Formation: La Sierra University, Riverside, CA; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI Years Ordained: 33 San Diego Reader: What is your favorite subject on which to ...

Big bay secrets

The bayside Point Loma mansion lavishly remodeled by Mavourneen O’Connor, the secretive twin sister of onetime San Diego mayor Maureen O’Connor, is up for sale for a cool $6,825,000. “195 feet of prestigious water frontage ...

Escondido rapist Jeremy Ryan Stutzman said he hated it when his victims cried

Earns 417 years

When he was 22 years old, Jeremy Ryan Stutzman attacked a young Escondido housewife in her apartment. He bound and gagged her and forced her to dress in lingerie that he provided. His sexual assault ...

Art by the numbers

Lame-duck San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders has backed off plans to expand the City’s controversial red-light camera enforcement program, leaving that decision to mayor-elect Bob Filner, according to a recent report in U-T San Diego. ...


Race v. Rally Ahoy, Reader. In your Neighborhood News you made a serious error in terming the Baja Ha Ha a race. I think they call it a rally. The participants can use motors and ...


Three days after my mother died, her hollyhocks tumbled down under their own weight. My father disappeared. I had eaten the last of her meatloaf wrapped in wax paper. She had waved me out of ...

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