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Released from Pelican Bay to San Diego with $200

That’s life, and life’s not easy

When I was released from prison in June of 2008, I received $200 in cash. They call it “gate money.” It’s the standard issue for all parolees leaving California prisons, and it does not matter ...

Gas Truck Rear-Ends Car On I-15

On November 3, at approximately 1:10 p.m., a motorist was injured on the southbound I-15 between the Centre City Parkway on-ramp and Via Rancho Parkway off-ramp. A gas-cylinder delivery vehicle was unable to stop in ...

Natural peanut butters

Sometimes you like to get raw and wild with your peanut butter.

Queen Cheese

The Cheese Shop doesn’t specialize in cheese, they were too embarrassed to tell Mr. Cleese.

Fall Forward

San Diego beer-pairing with autumnal cuisine.

Autumns are short in America’s Finest City. The transition from summer’s dog days to mall-Santa season seems like it happens in the blink of a sunglass-shielded eye. But it’s worth taking time to enjoy this ...

Now you know: Penis Hickey

All about Penis Hickey, “an anarchic steel-toe to your earballs.”

Daley Ranch Pond View Trails

The cooling, welcoming sight of a pond while hiking in the chaparral on a hot day.

The Sea and Cake

Sam Prekop checks in by phone from his home in Chicago. I gather he is rocking in the proverbial sense, meaning in an old-fashioned chair. Every so often, I hear the tell-tale creak of wood ...

Back to School

You’d think I’d remember the layout better,” I said to the top of David’s smoothly shaven head, which was hovering over a small map of San Diego State University’s campus. “Then again, I was only ...

If I were a ewe

Thursday 8Guitarist/singer Jon Spencer cut his teeth in seminal punk ’n’ roll outfits Pussy Galore and Boss Hog, whose swampy blues-punk hoodoo informed his latest and longest tenure with the NYC-based Blues Explosion, featuring the ...

Titus Andronicus rethinks punk

Punk is getting interesting again. This year, the Russian provocateurs in Pussy Riot proved that punk is still a polarizing political and cultural force. But, musically, punk is thrilling in a way it hasn’t been ...

They'll spank you at Babycakes

Babycakes is a good place to start the day with a cocktail, a pastry, and a spanking.

Singing for their supper

Commercial local media outlets are increasingly forced by the economy and the disruptive impact of the internet on reading, viewing, and listening habits to cut staff, but San Diego State’s taxpayer-backed KPBS public broadcasting operation ...

Why we say “bless you” when people sneeze

“Bless you,” San Diego’s crooked 30th Street, horsepower, all explained

South Park's crooked 30th Street

Heymatt: Why in the world does 30th Street morph into Fern Street between Juniper and Ash streets? Not only that, 30th doesn’t disappear during its run as Fern but actually continues as an entirely separate ...

It's a raid!

Show Palace gets raided by multiple agencies on night of Alejandra Guzman show. Nothing was found, show proceeded. Insiders suggest state bureau of Alcoholic Beverage Control was exerting pressure.

Let them eat Chargers tickets

It’s Chargers football season, time once again for San Diego mayor Jerry Sanders to quietly give close friends and political allies free tickets to premier seats at Qualcomm Stadium. For the October 15 game with ...

All about horsepower

Heymatt:Why are car engines measured in horsepower? What does horsepower mean and how much horsepower does one horse generate? — Motorhead, Escondido Engines have been measured in horsepower since James Watt, who refined early steam ...

Lobsters and mustard

Axe body spray pays Ninja Love for use of a song in a South American ad campaign.

Fewer people than ever are reading newspapers; electronic media are not making up the difference.

New York Times advertising revenue down 9 percent from a year earlier

Increasingly, American newspapers are trying to deliver the news electronically: online and by smartphone, tablet, Twitter, e-reader, you name it. But newspapers — particularly large metro dailies — are still having a rough time. Profits ...

Goodbye, college boy. Hello, Pink Floyd Experience

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” takes Tom Quinn, of the Pink Floyd Experience, to a beautiful place.

King of the road Bob Woolly

Name: Bob Woolly Cars: 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0; 1969 Chevrolet El Camino How did you decide to buy the GT? When I came back from Vietnam, I bought a ’68 Shelby 500 KR. “KR” ...

$7.6 million city parking contract, not priceless

Money may be tight, but San Diego’s mayor and city council have no shortage of ways to spend tax dollars, according to a list of top contracts posted online by the City’s purchasing department. The ...

San Diego transit plan includes more air pollution

Nearly all of San Diego’s freeways would be expanded

In October 2011, the San Diego Association of Governments adopted the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan, a document intended to guide development of transportation infrastructure — from freeways to bike paths to road construction to bus ...


Whichever neighborhood has no clergyman I shall die there. Let no one see how beautiful Are all the things I have, my feet, my hair. In the name of the dead, free and immaculate, A ...


We were very tired, we were very merry — We had gone back and forth all night on the ferry. It was bare and bright, and smelled like a stable — But we looked into ...

Resonate. Local

Life goes on and things work out for this gal.

Metallic skinny pants and G-ma prints — San Diego fashions just around the bend?