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New Off-Road Bicycle Park for Ocean Beach?

Freeride Famosa, the group behind the effort to create a bicycle park in Ocean Beach is gaining momentum, according to an article published last month in the Peninsula Beacon. The organization has asked the San ...

Ms. Fortune on Deck

All that clunking and banging, that’s not normal,” Dad said. “Yeah, it sounds like my car when I try to gun it in neutral,” I said. “We’re a little too close to that pier for ...

Chernobyl Diaries: No Discovery, No Development, No Surprise

What a wasted opportunity. Somebody — presumably writers Oren Peli and Carey and Shane Van Dyke — had the fine idea of capitalizing on the current anxieties surrounding nuclear power in a post-Fukushima world (hello, ...

Filip Mandaric's Presence Halfway Around the World

Filip Mandaric finds across the pond an influential fan of his band Capital Grey.

Dark Cloud

Kelly Formaldehyde Facebooked that Ruby Room personnel were rude rude to her. OMG! There went that relationship.

New San Diego Bands and Reunions

Summer promises a bumper crop of new local band launches, as well several notable reunions. Eighties garage band Mystery Machine reunited in early May to record four tunes with Carl Rusk, Ray Brandes, Mark Zadarnowski, ...

Tom Karlo Targets the 11% at KPBS

Tom Karlo, the general manager of public broadcasting operation KPBS, owned and operated by San Diego State University, makes $215,262 a year, according to state salary records obtained by the Sacramento Bee under the California ...

The Wise Foolishness of I Wish

I wish there were more films like I Wish: films that capture the wise foolishness and foolish wisdom of children without making them into miniature adults. Films that take seriously the efforts of children to ...

Cops Seek to Protect Their iPads

The City Buys an Investigations Surveillance Vehicle

In days of yore, the best way for San Diego cops to keep track of intelligence picked up on the street was to take it down in their little white notebooks. Clearly those days are ...

Why the fat lady sings best; how to build a chocolate-covered cherry

Your Mattness: Why are opera singers fat? Maybe they’re not all fat, but some of the old school ones were whales, though they do sound better than whales. Is there some advantage to all that ...

West Coast Superfood

“You might say it’s the French thing versus the German thing.”

Tiger! Tiger! Yeah, yeah, craft beer…and mushroom-lentil sandwiches?

The Incredible Accessible Uke

Tiptoe to the ukulele store.

There’s a uke craze in the Kelly home. The ukulele comes everywhere: in the car, to school, to the beach. Our oldest son begged for one for months. “It’s so convenient and portable,” he pleaded. ...

AMLO calls Jaime Bonilla From Chula Vista to Mexico

Cross-border campaigner

It’s been only a few months since controversial South Bay water board president Jaime Bonilla stepped down from the Otay Water District, but it’s easy to see that his former position is just a speck ...

A Cat in Paris: Standard-Issue Action, Except Slower and More Colorful

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I always ask, “Why animate?” when I run into an animated feature. But good or bad, I do it. Jean-Loup Felicioli and ...

Tour Divide: Nothing to Win or Lose But Honor

You think the Tour De France is crazy? Try the Tour Divide.

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part Two

Joe Hill called them the “Starvation Army."

At the Free Speech Fight of 1912, soapboxes were kicked out from under speakers.

J.D. Boucharde Would Like a Few Words with George W.

Interview with J.D. Boucharde, music teacher and no fan of American Idol.

Where Do We Go Now? A Battle of the Sexes, Both Whimsical and Deadly Serious

In his book Democracy in America, French sociologist Alexis de Tocqueville claimed that in our fair country, religion had a greater influence on women than it did on men. This was well and good, he ...

The Go Lounge

Leopard-print pool table and a temporarily dismembered mannequin at the Go Lounge in La Mesa, a part of the dive-bar scene.

Brazen BBQ’s Blazin’ Sunrise

The bar manager at Brazen BBQ, Grey Lockwood also moonlights as a commercial advertising photographer. So, naturally, when he develops a drink, he’s looking for that Kodachrome moment — say, turning a regular old sunrise ...

Cats 'N' Jammers

Thursday 31Col Abrahil and British gutter-punk pioneers GBH (grievous bodily harm) will spike the ’dos and vitriolic spews at Casbah tonight. The sociopolitikal street punks have been at it since 1978, making their mark with ...

Hike to San Diego County’s Eagle Rock on the PCT

No doubt why it is called “Eagle Rock”

Be amazed by a rock formation that really looks like an eagle!

Pork-Belly Hash with Poached Eggs and Chili Hollandaise

Recipe by Anthony Wilhelm, Executive Chef, Inn at the Park

I’ve always been a fan of really fresh food. I grew up in Ohio and went hunting and fishing with my dad. Nothing tastes fresher than catching a fish and cooking it over an open ...

Nacho Mama’s Blog – Life, with Extra Cheese

Address: Author: Margo Porras From: Hillcrest Blogging since: 2010 Post Title: “Trigger” Foods — I can’t prove they’re laced with crack.... Post Date: May 13, 2011 So...tomorrow is my Weight Watchers meeting. Which means ...

Broncho: “It’s actually ‘Bron-cho’”

“It’s actually ‘Bron-cho.’” Right off the bat, I’ve mispronounced the band’s name. The ch, it turns out, is soft. “A lot of people make that mistake,” says Jonathon Ford, the band’s bassist. He’s on the ...

Mogwai Is Too Good for Background Music

Grad school meant hours and hours of reading by myself. Music kept me company, but it had to be a certain kind of music. Lyrics would distract me from my studies, so almost anything with ...


Disgust Discussed I just finished reading the article on Nathan Fletcher (“Untold Stories,” Cover Story, May 24), and I’m absolutely shocked that anyone would be so petty as to go back in his background and ...


A poem by D.H. Lawrence

Softly, in the dusk, a woman is singing to me; Taking me back down the vista of years, till I see A child sitting under the piano, in the boom of the tingling strings And ...

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