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By then the slashed tire had become a rallying cry for retaliation.

On January 10, the Sun announced: “The chances are strong that this ordinance will start a fight that will last a long time. Maybe there will be an invasion by the IWW and the advertisement of San Diego as a place against free expression of thought.”

Prophetic words. ■


  1. Melvin Dubofsky: Free Speech fights “were instigated primarily to overcome resistance to I.W.W. organizing tactics” and “to demonstrate that America’s dispossessed could…challenge established authority.”
  2. Chief Keno Wilson: “We will do our full duty. Every member of the police department has been ordered to enforce the new law to the letter.”
  3. Attorney Ernest E. Kirk: “We will fight the validity of the law to the limit. It is a class ordinance, not a traffic regulation!”


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Prosperina May 28, 2012 @ 2:36 p.m.

I always knew there was a rivalry between SD and LA, but wow! Guess Otis lost that bet -- ha! LOVE stories about downtown area -- it's so much more interesting to take a walk around the area imagining all the ghosts of those events and marking what was with what it's become. I do worry about the SD Union's fate.... Good stories and sources for the upcoming Labor Day in Sept. So much similar strife connected with that 'holiday' -- upheaval, riots, free speech attacked from all sides -- oye!


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