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Patrick Wright looks for a San Diego legislator to defend his animal rights

Ferrets Eat Babies. They Shred Human Tissue. They Drink Blood.

The hush-hush life of forbidden pet ownership.

Victor Ciccarelli Reviews Being Elmo and A Knight's Tale

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey is a documentary on the life and career of Kevin Clash, the magic behind Elmo. The film chronicles his career from schoolboy to executive of Sesame Street. Watching a piece ...


A poem by Martin Espada

Gaithersburg, Maryland At Scot Gas, Darnestown Road, the high school boys pumping gas would snicker at the rednecks. Every Saturday night there was Earl, puckering his liquor-smashed face to announce that he was driving across ...

Afghan Ambassadors

His one piece of advice to his son: “Don’t start a restaurant. You’ll never be able to relax.”

Afghan-inspired pizza at Zia — there will be eggplant and yogurt.

Anthology’s Whiskey Rose

Barkeep Marc Canzoneri’s Whiskey Rose — an Old Fashioned for the 21st Century.

Massage Muddled

I sat on a plush sofa in a room dimly lit with electric candles and fussed over the gap in my robe with one hand while balancing a mango-papaya mimosa in the other. “I can’t ...

Brew and ’Cue in Apple Country

San Diego flatlanders open a brewery in the local mountains.

The Neo Bop of Charles McPherson

Sax master Charles McPherson began his career in 1959 with Charles Mingus. Inspired him to go get a job with the IRS.

Last Shot

“New Justice Records in Australia will be putting out our debut album.” That’s ex–Zombie Cartel member Jono LaNasa. He’s speaking about a record deal for his new band, Prevailer. New Justice will distribute hard copies ...

Emotional Strings

“I’ve written songs that metaphorically address what happened to my dad,” says Retox mainman Justin Pearson, who was 12 when his father was assaulted, robbed, and died during a 1987 altercation with patrons he’d met ...

The Third World of Restless City's Brooklyn

The Third World is somewhere in almost every great city. It fills much of the Brooklyn of Restless City. This movie has a zip chance in the big market but will still be worth viewing ...

Dose of Bass

For the past year and a half, electronic music collective Liquid Geometry has been cultivating San Diego’s beat scene with a monthly showcase at the Kava Lounge, curating local and out-of-town genre luminaries, including Free ...

Super Troopers vs. Snatch

Super Troopers is a zany satire about small-town highway-patrol officers. Hatched from the minds of famed comedy group Broken Lizard, Super Troopers follows the adventures of the fun-loving patrolmen as they deal with the banality ...

Dark Shadows: Dark Secrets, Grave Mistakes

Director Tim Burton might never equal his early pinnacle Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, with its tight budget and its design in splendid sync with weird little Pee-wee Herman. Burton came close with Beetlejuice and Ed Wood, ...

Rock 'N' Roller Skates

Where roller derby and rock and roll collide in San Diego.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Hums and Bustles in a Fine Sari

The pieces of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel fit together enjoyably. Here is something for those who love Downton Abbey (and Upstairs Downstairs) and something for those who love Slumdog Millionaire. Add elements of Merchant ...

Goodbye First Love: No Sugar Bun of Goo-Goo

Paris, 1999: Camille is besotted by Sullivan. He besots back, but she cannot understand why he wants to go to South America with two pals, minus her, on a long adventure. Maybe from fear of ...

Circa-1981 Hardcore with OFF!

When a band of SoCal punk veterans calls itself OFF! you know what you’re going to get, but that doesn’t mean you will be prepared for it. OFF! takes its name from a brand of ...

Before The Hunger Games There Was Battle Royale

Before The Hunger Games there was Battle Royale, director Kinji Fukasaku’s dystopian fantasy about students forced by the government to kill each other. Being a horror and fantasy film buff, I looked forward to the ...

Dontaye brought his wild man act to San Diego

“The reason why Dontaye has not cut his hair is because he is trying to portray a persona of a wild man to the guys in jail.”

“The reason why Dontaye has not cut his hair is because he is trying to portray a persona of a wild man to the guys in jail.” Dontaye Henderson’s mother wrote these words in 2003, ...

Will Wall Street Cool on Bridgepoint?

Bridgepoint Education stock drops. The San Diego company’s relationship with Wall Street becomes more apparent.

Bright Lights, Big Lobbyists

State Commission Gives Green Light to Laundering

California Strategies & Advocacy, the Sacramento-based lobbying firm founded and run by Bob White, former top aide to ex–San Diego mayor and onetime GOP governor Pete Wilson, had a busy time of it in San ...

More Phone Numbers, More Problems

When your telephone rings at 3:30 a.m., it’s the phone company. They won’t say so, but it’s true.

Security Guard at Sweetwater Union HS District Meeting Had Cancelled Gun Permit

JDS Exclusive Security Services was contracted by the Sweetwater Union High School District to provide guards for the May 7 board meeting. The company also provided guards for the April 16 meeting, after which John ...

Home Maid Contributions

San Diego–based United Domestic Workers of America, a labor union representing so-called home-care workers who are paid by state and federal funds, kicked in with a whopping $400,000 to Governor Jerry Brown’s campaign to raise ...

San Diego as ground zero in the fight against incivility

Catfish Club sponsors discussion at Kroc Peace and Justice Theatre

Beneath the high-domed ceiling of the Joan Kroc Peace and Justice Theatre, an opulent facility at the University of San Diego, a crowd of perhaps 80 convened on Monday, April 9, for what the hosts ...

Daley Ranch’s Caballo Trail to Stanley Peak

Hike to Daley Ranch’s highest peak while delighting in the sights and smells of chaparral and coastal sage plant communities.

Magicians Book Up Fast

Magician shopping for the next party.

WNBA as Advertising Agency

WNBA president Laurel J. Richie made her career in advertising.

...and they're OFF!

Thursday 10Brendan Benson and Raconteur bandmate Jack White released solo efforts on the same date last month. Though White’s Blunderbuss is an adventurous set of off-White Stripes, it lacks staying power. Benson sounds more invested ...

San Diego Momma

He was a friend of Andy Kaufman’s; I was a young woman in a miniskirt.


Got You Covered As an avid reader of the Reader, I was a little disappointed in the fact that the May 3 cover photo is a picture right off the internet that anyone can access. ...

Delta Spirit, from the Piney Woods of San Diego

During the mid-2000s, the music industry produced a rash of bands that embraced roots. Dobros were heard, percussion sounded DIY, and arcane instruments such as toy piano were embraced. Standouts included Cage the Elephant, the ...