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“At the end of the month, she did not pay for the next month, plus she didn’t pay for the jet fuel for those three trips.

“I told her we’re suspending the contract. Christian wants money for jet fuel.… Gabby and I flew down to meet Cindy face-to-face around September 22 or 23.

“I got into a heated argument with Cindy. She cried. She wanted to talk woman-to-woman with Gabby. Gabby stayed down there — she has family.

“Then Cindy does another deal with Christian, cutting us out of the deal.

“She flew back to Canada, still owing us money and still owing Christian money.”

On October 10, Gillispie and his partners, including Gabriela de Cueto and a Danish man named Pierre Flensborg, flew to Zurich, and from there to Istanbul, Turkey; northern Iraq; and Pristina, Kosovo, on a two-week trip to negotiate contracts to import sugar, oil, and airplanes.

“Christian was going to fly us, and we could cut him in on the contracts. He would meet us in Europe. We booked round-trip tickets to Zurich.”

But, in the meantime, there had been a falling out between Gabriela de Cueto and Christian Esquino.

“Well, three days before the trip, Christian bailed. Do you know how expensive short-term tickets are?”

Gabriela de Cueto was angry that Christian Esquino had changed his mind about making the trip.

“An anonymous call was made to the Mexican government questioning maintenance on Christian’s planes. Christian thought Gabby was involved. Now he can’t fly to Argentina or the U.S. — big dent in his income. While we are in Iraq, Gabby gets an email from Christian saying, ‘I know you’re behind this. Call your dogs off.’

“After we get back from Iraq, Gabby and Pierre fly to New York to bridge finances. Bertha [Christian Esquino’s wife] loaned Gabby $100,000 for the trip. Christian doesn’t know this.

“Gabby is still in contact with Cindy. We wanted our money. Cindy emails Gabby that she’ll have the money on November 8th or 9th. Cindy said she would pay us all.

“Gabby was planning on visiting Mom in Mexico. Pierre was going to Brazil afterward, in connection with the sugar deal — Iraqis love sugar and pay way above market level for it.

“After Gabby and Pierre take care of business in New York, they go on to Mexico City to meet Cindy.

“Gabby calls Bertha [Christian Esquino’s wife] on November 8 to tell her of the impending trip to Mexico City. That same night, the Mexican authorities receive an email from Anonymous [an international hacker ring] about the human trafficking plan. Then Gabby calls Bertha on the evening of the 10th, once she arrives in Mexico City, and informs her about the meeting the next morning with Cindy. That night, the Mexican authorities receive a second Anonymous email detailing a meeting set for the next morning between Cindy and Gabby. That information was only transmitted over the phone between Gabby and Bertha, so it could not have been gotten from a hacked email by the Anonymous group, as claimed by the Mexican government.

“Federales arrested Gabby in the morning.”

Christian Esquino “was taken into custody by Mexican authorities” on March 17, according to the National Post. Asked why Esquino is now in jail, Gillispie said:

“Someone tipped the Mexican government off that Nuñez is Esquino. According to Mexican law, a criminal is not allowed to testify. How can they take his testimony? They won’t use evidence from a criminal.”

Why were Gabriela de Cueto and the others arrested?

“This is politically motivated. People high in the Mexican government think so.”

Could someone have fabricated the email with the passport photo of Saadi Gaddafi that allegedly came from Gabriela de Cueto’s email account?

“Could be. Through Veritas Security we are doing security in Mexico City for a high-ranking official in the Mexican government. They don’t even trust their own security.”

Although Gillispie is a suspect in the case, he said that the Mexican government had made no attempt to contact him. He recently took a polygraph test to prove his innocence of any involvement in a plot to smuggle Saadi Gaddafi into Mexico.

“Took a polygraph. Off the charts — 99.72 for truthfulness regarding human trafficking and all those charges.”

Gillispie is a decorated, retired Marine master gunnery sergeant, and he said he is tired of being called “a friggin’ mercenary.”

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Rabbit March 29, 2012 @ 5:23 a.m.

How was Gillispie able to Charter Aircraft that were not even for hire? Christian Esquino doesn't have a legitimate Charter Certificate nor does he even do any of the required maintenance required to operate. His Company's Starwood Management, Wing Aviation, and I'm sure other corporations are just a front from money laundering. Where did the money come from to purchase these aircraft??


Susan Luzzaro March 29, 2012 @ 10:40 a.m.

Rabbit, your question about Esquino purchasing planes is interesting. Stewart Bell, the Canadian Post reporter who broke this whole story, noted recently that only four years after being deported to Mexico Esquino had dozens of planes.


Cucho619 April 11, 2012 @ 1:53 p.m.

There will always exist a possibility of Christian Eduardo's corporations just being a front for money laundering but it may not be true, all these comments are really quick to judge and comment on Eduardo's alleged affiliation with drug cartels and basically branding him the worst of the worst. Something to consider though is that a lot of cases written about, can be blown up (publicity) to much larger proportions size than they truly are.

Many of the alleged charges against Esquino have never been laid, this is actually mentioned on the National Post. http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/03/19/man-deported-from-california-over-alleged-drug-ties-now-key-witness-in-saadi-gaddafi-smuggling-case/

Obviously, this man has some enemies and has been under government watch for a long time now but once you really investigate on the matter its quite clear that he is not a criminal.

It seems to me that because of Christian's (eduardo esquino nunez) testimony against Gabriela de Cueto and company, Gabriela and her associates are obviously retaliating against Christian with all of this information.

As for the subject owning dozens of aircraft only four years after being deported from the United States, I'd say its not as abnormal and illegal as everyone would LIKE to think. This man has been involved in the aviation business for most of his life and obviously knows how everything works. Not only that, but many factors here are not considered. Are the aircraft used or new? What models are the planes? Not all airplanes are as expensive as we make them to be, and as mentioned previously, this is a man who has been in the aviation industry for quite a while and for that same reason has contacts and knows the best deals.


Lupo March 29, 2012 @ 1:32 p.m.

christian Esquino (Ed NuÑez) is a criminal he and his brother salvador (thank god he is dead) are the worst scumbags over the planet.



WalterWatson March 29, 2012 @ 10:39 p.m.

Snr. Lupo. You obviously know something of Mr. Nuñez. Can you email me at or even give me a call at 705.876.9094 (That's east coast, Canada). I am a journalist who has been covering this story since it broke and think "Christian Eduardo Esquino Nuñez" is central to figuring out what the heck is going on!


Lupo March 29, 2012 @ 1:44 p.m.

I can aswer that question Rabbit, he is related to several drug cartels, just ask the DEA!


WalterWatson March 29, 2012 @ 7:29 p.m.

This is a very good interview. There is a lot more info on this case at:



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