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Escondido maintenance man loses home to foreclosure defrauders

The unscrupulous Zepeda brothers

At least 550 Southern California homeowners have been victimized by the Zepeda brothers — their scheme to rake in foreclosure funds.

Seared Ahi with Soy Reduction

Recipe by Vincenzo Lo Verso, Executive Chef & Owner, Osteria Panevino

I have been cooking all my life since I lived in Italy. I cooked for a big restaurant there and we did a lot of weddings. I also served in the Army and was a ...

Pants Wilder

Andrew Caddick stopped making music with tape hiss and noise.

Onyx Room's French Martini

There’s a fine line that Onyx Room bartenders walk between time and taste. According to Onyx Room bartender Nathan Colonero, this nightclub’s bartenders pride themselves on being able to deliver smart concoctions and efficient service. ...

Mission Hills, via Brooklyn

Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills has been packed since opening.

Embrace the Suck

Garret Michaels, FM 94/9 program director since ’02, is escorted to the door.

Simple Snacks for the Road

"On the road again…” Every June, Patrick starts singing the Willie Nelson classic. He loves summer road-tripping. He doesn’t like planning them, however. Guess who that job falls to? This year he’s dreaming of his ...

The Only Jack in the Jacks

Interview with Jack Pinney, drummer in Iron Butterfly’s first rhythm section (no, he didn’t do “the Solo”).

Record-Release Roundup

When the Nervous Wreckords launch Let Them All Talk at the Casbah on June 30, frontman Brian Karscig promises “Surprises. We always have a couple up our sleeves that you’ll have to be there to ...

Beijing Duck, Mumbai Gin, and Other Name Changes

Heymatt:Who made the decision that Peking should be called Beijing and that Bombay should be Mumbai? Will we eventually see Beijing duck on a menu, or Mumbai gin in the liquor store? I’m assuming someone ...

Ray Wylie Hubbard

“We wanted the sound of early Buffalo Springfield or the Small Faces.” This is Ray Wylie Hubbard, on the phone from Virginia City, NV, to talk about his 16th studio album, Grifter’s Hymnal. Ian McLagen ...

Yaris Driver James Pugh on Podcasts and Google

Name: James Pugh Car: 2007 Toyota Yaris S Previous cars: 1994 Honda Civic How’s your commute? Fletcher Hills to Sorrento Valley but I work off-hours — 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., so I never really ...

North Park ElderHelp Facility to Get a Makeover

With financial assistance from block grants and fundraising , Elderhelp of San Diego will be getting an extreme makeover of their facility. The 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation received a new five-year lease from the ...

Noble Canyon

One of the best single-track mountain-bike trails in California is also one of the finest hiking trails. Shuttling required.

Blood & Gifts at La Jolla Playhouse

For the La Jolla Playhouse’s Blood & Gifts, Kris Stone devised a spare, semi-familiar set. A gray concrete barrier stretches across the rear stage, like the one at the end of a runway. Much of ...

Flacks not Hacks

As local news staffs shrink and California State University tuition soars, the ranks of state-taxpayer-funded public relations people continue to burgeon. The latest example comes from San Diego State University, which is looking to hire ...

Creation of a Monster, John Gardner

Caitlin Rother’s book about John Gardner draws a terrifying portrait of a man who was sweet and cuddly one day and a crazed killer the next.

Two local activists bring Tibetan woman Lhamo Tso to the U.S.

To get her husband released from a Chinese jail

Last summer, child-custody attorney Denise Bohdan was burning out. For relief, a law school buddy suggested she raise money for a documentary his company was producing about life in Tibet under Chinese rule. The producer ...

Come Together in a Relative Way

Thursday 28Soda Bar sets up L.A. big band Jail Weddings tonight. The nine-piece rock ’n’ soul outfit’s out to tout this year’s Four Future Standards EP, which features the long-winded/big-breath’d beater “(There’s Nothing Worse in ...

Campaign cash-in

Facing only a token challenge in her bid for reelection this year, San Diego county supervisor Dianne Jacob raised plenty of campaign cash from the familiar litany of special interests with business before the board. ...

24 Hours of LeMons. Part 2

We were talking to Escondido homeboy, San Marcos State alumnus, and San Marcos High School English teacher repurposed into a stay-at-home dad, Mike “Spank” Spangler, 42. Spank drives the 24 Hours of LeMons. Said 24 ...

Wax Idols

Maybe you liked the lo-fi early singles by female-fronted acts such as the Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast, and Frankie Rose. But after all three cleaned up their acts for their debut long-players — and ...

First Lutheran Church Vista

Ramón Zarate was a business administration major before he graduated to God.

Million-dollar candidate

Most public workers may be singing the blues about their pension systems, but at least one is going all the way to the bank. Bernie Rhinerson, chief of staff at the San Diego Unified School ...

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part Six

Violence against free-speech activists.

San Diego’s chief of police denied mistreating free-speech activists. A state commission determined otherwise.

Intrigue, Menace, Slapstick

Easily digestible theatrical confections of jealousy and sexual tension.

A Slower Music

For Diane Time runs thru my fingers, laughter & feathers against her lips when I bend to kiss her She is my wonder, who sleeps & will not wake for me but with her tongue ...


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