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I am scared to death of moshing.

If you were a scrawny five-foot, four-inch girl you'd understand. However, the boys in the pit during Fidlar's set at the Ché Café did not seem to understand my fear. They were unaware that if they bumped into me, I would go flying across the room.

I was looking around the Ché feeling slightly disappointed at this injustice when I spotted two girls rocking out while holding their place down in the front row. I wanted to do that.

Taking Fidlar's namesake motto to heart - Fuck it, dawg, life's a risk - I pushed through the sweaty guys up to where the girls were standing. The small stage at the Ché allowed me to come face to face with Fidlar singer Zac Carper and the rest of the Los Angeles-based band.

Screaming along to songs with titles such as "Wake, Bake, Skate," "Cheap Beer‚" and "Cocaine‚" I felt my inhibitions drip away. Their rambunctious songs about fucking shit up inspires one to let go.

With my new "fuck it" mentality, I stood in front during the entire set and pushed back at hyperactive shirtless boys that got too close.

  • Concert: Fidlar, OFF!, Spider Fever
  • Date: May 15
  • Venue: Ché Café
  • Seats: front row
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