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San Diego brown people and break dancing

No one cares about being cool

An outsider is permitted to experience a variety of San Diego social clubs from the inside.

2:54: Former Vulgarians

London sisters Hannah and Colette Thurlow used to play together in a punk band called the Vulgarians, but when they decided they wanted to pursue a more restrained sound, they thought of the Melvins — ...

City to Address Gopher Problem in Clairemont

After contacting District 6 councilmember Lori Zapf’s office to determine if the city was aware of a gopher infestation in Clairemont, I was soon contacted by Steve Palle of San Diego’s Parks and Recreation Department. ...

Rock School Reality

Sven-Erik Seaholm and Brooke Mackintosh make indie acoustic music, “with psychedelic tendencies.” They also made a baby.

Kumeyaay Lake

This short, easy hike along a cottonwood and willow-shaded lakeshore is perfect for young children, seniors, and avid birdwatchers

Solo Together

‘We’re a song-oriented harmony duo, with a little spin on the ball,” says Sven-Erik Seaholm, who, with wife Brooke Mackintosh, is one half of Seaholm Mackintosh. “I guess you could call it indie acoustic, with ...

Spontaneous Picnic

They’re wearing red T-shirts with a message: “Keep Calm and Eat Well.”


Local jazz guitarist Peter Sprague is putting the finishing touches on two recordings set for summer release on his SBE Records label. “SBE stands for striving-to-break even,” Sprague informs me during a tour of his ...

24 Hours of LeMons. Part 1

24 Hours of LeMons…with no car worth over $500.

Room to Swing a Cat, Found Marbles on O.B. Pier, Vanishing Arco Stations

“There’s not enough room here to swing a cat.” Who came up with that one? And what’s the story on the mysterious marbles of the Ocean Beach Pier? And why are all the Arco gas stations shutting down?

Sic Transit Todd

San Diego’s third district councilman Todd Gloria, who ran unopposed in this month’s city election, nevertheless went all out to collect big campaign money from a host of special interests with business at city hall. ...

The Clarkson Trio

“For San Diego musicians, Rob Crow and Jason Mraz are pretty prolific and well-known,” says Grant Clarkson, “but neither of them has already put out three albums this year.” The multi-instrumentalist explains that his disparate ...

I Dig Dragons

Shawn and I clinked glasses. “To dragons and swords,” I said. “Speaking of which, where is Kimb?” asked Shawn, looking at his watch. “She’ll be here soon,” I said. “But for now, let’s relax and ...

UCSD’s graduation daze

Though the state’s budget meltdown has boosted tuition and drastically cut local admissions, somebody at the University of California San Diego apparently thinks the show must go on, literally. That seems to be the message ...

Marco Polo, the Lobbyist, Comes Over

Lobbyist Marco Polo Cortes, another big last-minute giver to Councilman Todd Gloria’s cause, has kept a busy schedule at San Diego’s city hall, according to a recently filed lobbyist disclosure statement. Besides hosting a Gloria ...

Could Imperial Valley Become Owens Valley?

Political and drought conditions could turn the Imperial Valley into another Owens Valley.

Down, down, down for the Vario Fallbrook Locos

Stabbed Kenneth Mose for being black and in their neighborhood

The year Robert Cruz Ramos turned 15, he was shot in the head, according to his sister and his public defender. He started drinking “to forget everything,” and he started smoking marijuana daily. Around that ...

Picture Jeff

Fundraiser for guitarist Jeff Winterberg, diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer in late 2011.


Format Him Back I’m disappointed in the loss of David Elliott. I’m only familiar with him through the Reader, but I did like his opinions and his critiques of films very, very much. He seemed ...

God Says Yes to Me

I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic and she said yes I asked her if it was okay to be short and she said it sure is I asked her if I ...

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part Five

City Leaders Cracked Heads at the County Line

Prominent San Diegans in 1912 formed vigilance committees that escorted free-speech advocates to the county line. That wasn’t the worst of their enforcement efforts.

Shade Sails to Beat the Summer Heat

Getting out of the summer heat with shade sail options from local firms.

Penis in a Sandwich

Languages barriers give way before phallic humor.

A blog by Whitney Butler, who finds similarities between asparagus and rocket launchers.

Bass Drum of Death

Bass Drum of Death is a Mississippi garage rock band, a duo. In fact, in the beginning it was just John Barrett, who, not unlike Tim Lowman (a local guitarist who performs as Low Volts), ...