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San Diego ranks neither in top ten or bottom ten of debt-ridden

Thanks for my responsible husband

How some San Diegans (including the author) paid their way out of sleep-depriving debt.

“Safe Access Now!” Shout Pro-Pot Protesters at Downtown Rally

An estimated 50 people showed up in front of the downtown Federal Courthouse on Wednesday, July 25, to protest the closing of medical marijuana dispensaries countywide. The rally, held at noon, was directed against federal ...

Musical Booty Call will help you find a jam session to sit in on anywhere you travel. First, though, the designers need $25,000 to $250,000 to finish the website.

High Urban Cooking

“People started looking back, to find how they had survived pre–Burger King.”

Record-Release Roundup

Stick Figure launches their full-length Burial Ground at 710 Beach Club on July 28. “We’ll have some limited-edition T-shirts,” says Scott Woodruff, who recorded the album with reggae singer Half Pint and longtime musical co-conspirator ...

Beer and Barbeque, in That Order

Go gobble on the mountain — a revisit to Julian’s Bailey Wood Pit Barbeque.

Steph Johnson left banking, funk, and R&B for jazz

Interview with Steph Johnson, making strides on the jazz front after dumping the funk and R&B.

Nothing Left to Lose

I’ve got drugs on the brain, mostly because of my current surroundings. I’m on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, to attend my man’s annual photographic art exhibition at the Granary Gallery and visit my in-laws, ...

Engelmann Oak Loop Trail — Daley Ranch

View the somewhat rare Englemann live oaks from a relatively secluded trail.

Burning of Rome's Pleasing and Strange New Disc

If Burning of Rome’s September CD release doesn’t go big, will they have to return to their day jobs?

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles

Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles started out their career playing for spare change on the University of Minnesota campus, and — in a move that is exceedingly rare among college-campus buskers — they soon ...

Don't Embarrass the Hells Angels

Member of Geezers accused of being Mongol and thumped at OMTI club in Oceanside

Eric Wayne Thorsgard was in the worst possible situation. He was taken into custody, accused of beating up somebody in the alley outside a biker bar in Oceanside. That wasn’t the worst part. Eric is ...

The Education of a Young Councilman

Fourth District San Diego councilman Tony Young caused a disgruntled stir in some quarters when word got around city hall in late June that he was taking the month of July off to attend a ...

It’s Not All Sexy Times in the Face-Painting Biz

Tips and prices of some San Diego face-painters.

‘Face painting gets a bad rap,” said Megan Norgan of the Rosy Glow Paint Co. (858-633-ROSY; “People think it has that carny feel or that it’s cookie-cutter. But my aim is to show it ...

Church Bells Chime Again in Tijuana

The Catedral de Nuesta Señora de Guadalupe (Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe) in downtown Tijuana was bestowed historical monument status on Sunday, July 23. Construction of the church, located on the corner of Niños ...

Competitive Canaries

What’s going on in your bird room?

Interview with David Benites of the San Diego Canary Club.

Zeros to Heroes

The Zeros regroup (again) for another tour.

Cal Fire’s Mission Has Changed

Get the benefit, pay the bill.

California State Assembly Bill x1 29 calls for an annual “fire prevention benefit fee” of up to $150 per “habitable structure.”

Horning In

If there were any uncertainties about Bill Horn’s intention to run for reelection yet again in 2014, the incumbent GOP county supervisor dispelled them on July 4 by signing a “candidate intention statement” he filed ...

League of California Cities Touts Openness but Shuns Disclosure Requirements

What does San Diego get out of the Sacramento-based League of California Cities?

Dead Feather Moon

It’d be a stretch, but you could say that Dead Feather Moon started in an Escondido high school. “That’s where I met two of the guys who are in the band,” says Justen Berge, who ...

Keep the Aspidistra Flying, by George Orwell

What are you reading? “Keep the Aspidistra Flying, by George Orwell. It’s a novel set in 1930s London, and it follows mostly the interior life and misadventures of Gordon Comstock, a former copywriter turned poet/bookstore ...

Prince Chapel by the Sea African Methodist Episcopal Church

Grow, glow, and go at Prince Chapel by the Sea African Methodist Episcopal Church.

"Spots on the Wall"

Before the final night hits us Let’s examine the spots on the wall: Some resemble plants And others mythological creatures. Hippogryphs, dragons, salamanders. But those that resemble atomic explosions Are the strangest of them all. ...

A Slow-Moving Meditation

Title: I Have A Voice Too Address: Author: Matthew Melao From: Santee Blogging since: March 2012 Post Title: A Slow-Moving Meditation Post Date: June 23, 2012 The best way to explore a city is ...


Confusion Junction I’m calling in reference to “That Could Never Happen to Me” (July 19 cover story). I was kind of disappointed. I love your stories; you do good work. But with this one here, ...