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Rapist attacks at gated Mission Valley condo

That could never happen to me

Victims talk of crimes visited upon them.

Barefoot Bar & Grill's Barefoot Blockbuster

Customers call Barefoot Bar & Grill bartender Serena Mappa the human drink dictionary. “After I make something once, I seem to remember it forever,” she explains. “I wasn’t good at math in school, but for ...

One Year Later

It had been a long while — almost a year — since I’d last seen the pig. “Is he still drinking?” I asked Sara. “Not really,” she said. “Not like he used to.” “Good,” I ...

Half-Price on the Bay

“It’s more French-influenced in Mexico City. The food’s creamier, with a greater variety of sauces.”

Happy hour all day at Candelas, in Coronado, on the bay.

Pink TV

“In each episode of Hospitality Budget, we’ll take a band that’s on tour, cook them great food, make them great drinks, and take them to do something in San Diego they wouldn’t normally get the ...

Vigilance of SDPD Volunteer Patrol Officers Due to Tiff?

A little over a month ago, on June 14, San Diego Police RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol) traffic officers arrived in the 4800 block of Mt. St. Helens Drive to investigate a citizen complaint about ...

Family Wagon

Calen Lucas and I had lunch with Chris Hillman once. “The Byrds guy, right?” he says. Exactly. We’d both been invited to a private luncheon with Hillman and his wife that preceded the Rock and ...

Divine Rivalry at the Old Globe; Cygnet Theatre's Man of La Mancha

As a youth, the poet William Wordsworth crossed the Alps. He hiked the Simplon Pass, a “steep and rugged” road over a mile above sea level. When he reached the other side he stopped cold. ...

Who doesn't want some Freak Sauce on a first date?

Makeout Weird helps bridge the gap between new media at UC San Diego and down-and-dirty experimental performance in the real world.

The Brooklyn Invasion

Thursday 19Georgia-born acoustic guitarist Leo Kottke comes to town for two nights at Little Italy supper club Anthology. The 6- and 12-string picker plays folksy jazz and blues and weaves a fine yarn onstage between ...

Go Ahead, Try Some Tamales

Streetside Spanish lessons from tamale vendor José Gonzáles.

Pornography in a Nutshell

(Is a nutshell porn?)

The definition of pornography, and phenomenal food odors explained.

Transition to San Diego

He who knows the Bard nails Petruchio cold.

The Intelligence

The Intelligence’s new Everybody’s Got It Easy But Me begins with “I Like L.A.” and, in a way, the song tells the story of the band. Lars Finberg’s sardonic lyrics and nicotine-stained voice seem to ...

Writer Experiences Brooklyn's Wild Eye

Former San Diego band Writer, now based in Brooklyn, returns to do a show.

Hike, Bike, Bowl

Summer’s only half over — off the couch, kids!

Rapping Sailors

Matt January, formerly a Navy man, talks about the rap act he honed while aboard on the USS Nimitz.

Downtown San Diego Partnership spends taxpayer dollars on a consultant

Failed to send contracts out to bid

‘How can the Downtown San Diego Partnership use property-based business improvement district funds like a piggy bank?” asks Kathy Casey, a resident of Cortez Hill. “Where is the oversight, the accountability?” During years of budget ...

Watered-Down PR

Water bills are soaring, and angry ratepayers are pounding at the doors. What is a water district to do except lay out some big bucks to hire a new public relations person? Such is the ...

If It's Spring, It Must Be a Free Junket

A bipartisan delegation of 13 congressional staffers took an all-expenses-paid spring junket to Hollywood and San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, courtesy of a lobbying group called the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. “The excitement that the ...

Did President Nixon help finance part of San Diego?

Anthony Summers book points to Clairemont

Citizens are wringing their hands — wisely, in my opinion — about Mitt Romney’s long-standing practice of stashing money in havens such as Switzerland and the Cayman Islands. But during the Republican nomination race, then-candidate ...

San Elijo Lagoon County Ecological Reserve

Multiple plant communities and more than 250 species of shore and water birds.

Letter to the California State Board of Education

One cannot be exposed to the law and order of the universe without concluding that there must be design and purpose behind it all…. The better we understand the intricacies of the universe and all ...

A passage from Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself"

I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journeywork of the stars,And the pismire is equally perfect, and a grain of sand, and the egg of the wren, And the tree-toad is ...


Highly Confused RE: “Afro Puffs,” July 12 cover story. I may not understand your confusion growing up as a biracial woman. As a black woman, I found myself offended and confused. If the statement was ...