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San Diegans with Afro puffs

How integrated can I be?

San Diego’s ethnic populations are segregated, for better and worse.

Questionable Contract for Southwestern College?

Southwestern College has gone through a series of upheavals in the past few years and is still the subject of a San Diego County district attorney investigation. Southwestern’s former vice president of business and finance, ...

Bowels of the Horn

Jeff Kaiser played trumpet and guitar in the Presbyterian Church before becoming a minister. Now he makes computer-accentuated music that sounds satanic at times.

But I Did Eat at a Holiday Inn This Morning

Chinese breakfast at Chin’s Seafood & Grill, in Miramar’s Holiday Inn.

Miki Vale: Rapper, Scrabble Gamer, Lover of Cats

Rapper/songstress believes wasting time is ancestral treason. She also has a mean Scrabble game.

When Not in Rome

Napizza arrives from Rome. “Slow is our thing. With yeast, more time equals more flavor.”

Bart Davenport is retro-active

In Retromania: Pop Culture’s Addiction to Its Own Past, music critic Simon Reynolds writes, “When I look back at the development of pop and rock during my lifetime...what perplexes me is the slow but steady ...


It was an odd time and place for us to be having breakfast. Our norm is Greek honey yogurt with blueberries, sliced banana, and crushed almonds at around 9 a.m. But because of a particularly ...

Santa Ysabel Nature Preserve — East

Hike over rolling hills and through oak woodlands, wildflower fields, and seasonal wetlands.

Bubu Will Move You

Thursday 12Musical migration. The Bubu king, Janka Nabay, and his Bubu Gang will grace the stage at Bar Pink. Bubu is a traditional folk music of Sierra Leone in West Africa. Once the sound of ...

Dogs Versus Rattlers

Dogs in San Diego County are at great risk of rattlesnake bites. Have them trained not to be.

Stiff Drinks, Bad Carpeting

Bar Leucadian gets its music permit revoked due to cocaine sales on the premises.

Becalmed, Sports Fan

The lonely work of digging for sports.

Poring over magazines for sports news during the annual sports slowdown.

Filner's Unkind Durkee

San Diego Democratic congressman Bob Filner, in a hurry to close out his old House campaign finance account so he can get on with his run for mayor against GOP city councilman Carl DeMaio, may ...

Roasted Chicken with Quinoa Pilaf

Recipe by James Clark Executive Chef, Croce’s Restaurant & Jazz Bar

Chef James Clark hit it off with Ingrid Croce. His roasted chicken recipe is in their soon-to-be-published cookbook.

We Got the Con

During Comic-Con’s July 11-15 run, music-related events will be held all around town. Here’s a list.

Firefighters’ Tour de Tijuana Raises Funds for Equipment 

A family-oriented “bike-a-thon” began in sun-drenched downtown Tijuana on the morning of Sunday, July 8. The Tijuana fire department organized the ride to raise about $100,000 for the purchase of new fire-fighting equipment. Tijuanenses of ...

Season's Bidding

The proposal period has closed over at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority for “Seasonal Decorations” at Lindbergh Field. Without specifying which holidays are to be commemorated, the authority asked for “Professional Seasonal Decoration ...

One Wolf Returns to Julian

A visit to the California Wolf Center in Julian.

Pictorial Juice

While leafing through my latest issue of Vanity Fair, I sometimes think that for fashion models and celebrities the body is something they wear, as most of us wear a cocktail dress or tux. Their ...

The Selling of KPBS

San Diego State University–run and taxpayer-subsidized public television and radio operation KPBS, troubled of late by severe money woes, is looking to hire yet another fundraiser, this one a hard-charging corporate rainmaker to sell advertising ...

The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912, Part Eight

Three years after San Diego’s free-speech fight began, vigilantes stood at the ready.

Mission Village Christian Fellowship

Pastor Carl Baker worries that churches are “giving up their biblical values for political correctness.”

"How Good Girls Go Bad"

Before she came we walked for peace, we picked up trash in parks and won awards. Our troop was number one in candy sales. We cooked for homeless families and served them soup. And then ...

Hell is Other People

Suicidal if not for Mickey Mouse.


Disgraceful x2 I wanted to make a comment about the cover of the Reader for June 28 (“Year-Round Santa”). There are children that see these pictures that would be absolutely traumatized if they saw that ...