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Amber remembered the good times that day. “Yeah, by the baseball fields. Just cruising, no one’s there, just driving around there. No explanation, just cruising, yeah. Listening to music, talking, whatever. Just having fun.”

Amber arranged to meet her brother, Anthony Boles. “I met up with my brother at Pala Casino.” It was between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. They met at one of the bars there. Then they all got into her brother’s car and drove to her younger brother’s house. “Kicked back with my other brother,” Amber said. “Drinking, ate, watched TV. Then we left.”

Did she keep drinking? “Yeah, we all did.”

Then, in the darkness, they again went driving around on the Rincon reservation. “Kicked back on the back roads,” Amber said. “And then I started arguing with my brother.” What did they fight about? “Something stupid, that I was pressing on his car. I was kicking back, listening to music, and then [I] jumped on his car a little bit, because I was drunk. He got mad and we started arguing.”

At the time, Amber weighed almost 400 pounds. “I’m five-seven-and-a-half. I’m big.”

Deanna remembered the end of the argument: “He told her, ‘Well, get out of the car, get out of my car.’ That’s what he was telling her.”

Anthony Boles kicked his sister Amber out of his car at a spot close to a relative’s house.

“It was right up the road from her cousin’s,” Deanna remembered. “She walked there.”

Amber was surprised Deanna didn’t come with her. “She didn’t jump out with me, like, to go with me, so that’s why I got mad for a minute. I felt like she left me somewhere and didn’t take me back where she picked me up at.”

At the Hotel with Anthony

Anthony Boles drove off with Deanna in his car.

“It was just that I decided to leave with him. I don’t know exactly why I made that decision, but I did. I mean, I guess I wanted to get back to Pala. My truck was still down there, and of course, Anthony…we were pretty attracted to each other, yes.”

Years earlier, Anthony had given Deanna some attention. “He flirted with me before. I thought he was just doing it to get his girlfriend angry. Other than that I had seen him here and there. I never hung around with him or talked with him too much.” But the night of December 14 they were together. “He was kind of flirting. I guess we were kind of both interested, yes.”

Deanna said she didn’t have a plan. “Whatever it was with Anthony, it just happened. It wasn’t planned out, or wasn’t because of a certain reason.”

Deanna was 23 then, and 400 pounds. “Yes, I was heavy.” Twenty-four-year-old Anthony Boles was 300 pounds.

“I guess he was, I didn’t know that then,” Deanna said.

Anthony drove down Highway 76 to the Pala Casino and Hotel. “Yes, he got a hotel room. I was with him. It was just a spur-of-the-moment thing, and he got the room. I didn’t ask him to get the room, he just got the room. We didn’t talk about it.”

Hotel surveillance video confirmed that the two went into their room at 11:13 p.m. “Yes, we both went up to the room,” said Deanna, looking unhappy about it.

“We were making out near the bed and just kind of hugging and kissing. I wouldn’t sleep with him. No, we didn’t go any further. He was a little frustrated. He kind of got a little upset.”

Then Amber called. “His sister was calling. Well, she said she wanted us to come get her, and she needed a ride. We had just gotten there, and he didn’t want to go at first.”

Amber confirmed this. “I got on the phone and called my brother to come pick me back up.” But Deanna picked up the cell phone. Amber told her, “You guys need to come get me. I want to go home. Hurry up.” Amber wasn’t happy. “I was telling them to hurry up.”

But Anthony didn’t want to go get Amber. “No, he did not,” said Deanna. “[But] I wanted to go anyway, because I knew it wasn’t going to go any further with him. [So] we both decided we would go get her…we both agreed, he agreed to come.”

Anthony reportedly said, “If I am going, we’re going to take your car. I don’t want to drive.”

Deanna conceded that she said, “I will take my car.”

Hotel security video shows Anthony and Deanna leaving their room at 11:43 p.m.

Outside cameras recorded the two walking up to Deanna’s big black Yukon. “I think the valet brought it up,” said Deanna. “Yes, we both got in. Anthony was with me. We left the casino. I was driving. I was driving in the beginning, yes, I was. Yeah, I thought I could handle it just fine, I guess.”

She turned onto Highway 76. “We came to a stop sign, and we turned right on the highway, and I felt like I was really, really, really not feeling well to drive, and I knew I couldn’t trust myself. I told [Anthony] that, and he said he better drive, he was fine.

“The next dirt road, right up the way, we pulled over to the right, and we switched drivers. Yes, we both got out of the vehicle, went around the front, and switched. He jumped in the driver’s seat.

“When the accident happened, Anthony was driving.

“We left right away. He was going quick down the road. I remember just when he was trying to go in the other lane, I kind of jerked. We were going pretty quick, and I just held on, and I held on, and I remember we were in the other lane, and there was a light, a bright light, and that’s all I remember. I don’t remember what we hit. I don’t remember how it happened exactly.

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