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A Visit to Assisi

St. Francis and I are kindred spirits. I was traveling through Europe with my dog Maya, her kennel, and an old-fashioned trunk. Visiting Assisi was a must. It was a chilly November evening. A lone ...

Sandy Hook Elementary School Memorial in San Marcos

Little angel plaques and trees

In the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, the country was left devastated. One San Marcos man wanted to express more than his own grief by ...

The Soft Pack storm the Griffin

Former San Diegans the Soft Pack stormed back into town for a one-off at the Griffin in Bay Park. Playing short, sweet, three-minute pop-punk songs, the band entertained the sparse rain-dampened crowd for over an ...

Mike Gao's Beta World Peace

Elaborating on textures from his 2011 debut, Sun Shadows, Beta World Peace sees a continuation of Mike Gao’s signature lurching bass lines, asymmetrical percussion, and glowing synth leads, orchestrated, in part, by his brainchild, Polyplayground ...

The life coach speaks

If one goes out looking for work coming from a place of exhaustion, worry, and resentment, that is what he or she will give off.

House fire in Ocean Beach

Birds die; dogs and woman saved

On Thursday, December 27, flames broke out in the living room of a house located on the 2300 block of Seaside Street in Ocean Beach. At least a dozen birds died in the blaze. Although ...

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