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The (cropped) photo in question.

I snapped a photo of Dennis mid-clip (left), cutting the saxophonist’s hair with the Playboy pictures in the background. The shot was truly epic: a mini-walrus-sized dude cutting a musician’s hair with naked ladies decorating the foreground. As the jamming carried on through the night, I continued snapping photos and attempting to breathe in the nicotine-infested room.

Now jump forward two weeks – I was about to upload the photo I’d just taken of my school.

I plugged my camera into my computer, opened my email, and began my email to Appropriate Projects. I then opened up the photo folder that popped up on my desktop. Clicking on the photo I thought was the picture of my school, I attached it to the email, along with a title, “A more appropriate picture.”

For the body of the email, I wrote “Here is another picture of my school which is more appropriate than the last one I sent. If you have any further questions, concerns, or need me to send any additional photos, please let me know. Warmest Regards, Kip Madden Ukraine”. Then I clicked the send button. A sense of accomplishment immediately came over me.

Two minutes later, out of curiosity, I checked the email I had just sent and there it was in all of its glory: a picture of 400-pound Fat Dennis cutting the saxophonist's hair, lots of boobies, upper thigh, and nudity!

Somehow I had sent a profane picture with the title “A more appropriate picture” to a bunch of sensitive humanitarian folks wanting to distribute water charity throughout the world. Could I have screwed up with a worse audience? I cursed, slammed my fist on my desk and pulled at my hair. I had myself in a bit of a pickle.

Now my worry is to get these people to not think I’m a sick and twisted American trying to play a joke just for kicks. I am hoping a follow-up email or two will remedy the situation. I still have my fingers crossed.

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