Fortunately for Danielle van Dam’s family, they will never have to know all the fear and pain she endured as her body was dumped along a road and left to decompose. David Westerfield’s death will be 100 times more civilized.

Sharon Cooney
via snail mail

Multiracial Perch

I was actually not offended at all by the article “Afro Puffs” (July 12). First of all, the content on the front of the magazine was absolutely true (though I agree that the readers could have been spared from such a blatant statement). My husband and I are new to San Diego and all I’ve seen since we’ve been here are white, Hispanic, and Asian women perched on black men’s arms. As a black woman, it is a bit sad to see this, but it is that way due to the lack of positivity within black culture. African-Americans tear each other down, and hate on each other, instead of trying to build each other up, and are to blame for their own demise.

For the record, all black women are not ghetto, belligerent, loud, and we do not all have attitudes! With the exception of me and my husband, I have only seen two or three African-American couples in San Diego, and we’ve been here for nine freaking months! My brothers and sisters have got to get it together, because until then, we shall always remain at war with ourselves.

Alexandrea H.
via email

Where’d They Come From?

I was shocked to read the article “Afro Puffs” in your magazine (July 12), in that the writer said white women want African-American men, Mexican women want African-American men, Filipino women want African-American men, African-American men want African-American men, and no one wants African-American women. (So who wants white men?) According to [the author], all major ethnic groups want black men. How stupid and unknowing can one be?

If no one wants African-American women, please explain why there are millions of (black African — not mixed) African-American men, everywhere in these United States and the entire world. People such as your writer should not be allowed to publish these stupid articles.

via email

Buckle Up, Folks

I’m calling about your article on July 12, “Afro Puffs.” I just want to say that I think it was an enlightening article. I didn’t find it very offensive, nor racist. But it seems that a lot of the African-American readers must have, even though it was written by an African-American. It seems like a lot of the readers are just sour-grape losers. I actually know a lot of them that are racists, and homophobic, and they don’t have a problem calling white folks all kinds of names. They can’t handle that someone of the African-American race wrote something that’s kind of true. Instead they tried to flip a script and make it sound racist.

I thought it was a great article and I know a lot of black, beautiful women. I also know a lot of black ugly women, and white beautiful and ugly women too.

It’s modern times. Everybody just needs to buckle up, accept who and what they are, and get to work.

Jay W. Wilson
Serra Mesa

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