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Wind Project’s Heavy Equipment Damages Desert

On August 28, Parke Ewing, an Ocotillo resident, took photos of heavy equipment being operated by Pattern Energy employees who are building the Ocotillo Wind Express Energy Project. The machinery is plowing over and crushing ...

New Borderline Road to Aid Patrols Near Goat Canyon

The U.S. Border Patrol recently finished pouring concrete on an extraordinary road that's less than a half mile long but is so steep and twisty that it couldn't be built by private contractors. The road ...

The Ferocious Stephen Rey

“Goddammit, people! It’s a Saturday night!” Stephen Rey yells into a microphone. “Get your asses up here.” And they do, and then he and the Sex Trash pile it on. There are only three of ...

Pride, billiards, and change back at Lancers

There’s a “we don’t want you” vibe at Lancers, but it’s just pride.

Frankie Photography

Photography tips for shooting San Diego.

Juicy Char

Kabob House kicks the campground-grub blues.

Indie Street Scene

San Diego Music Thing is like an indie Street Scene.

Anything Goes at Moonlight Theatre

The S.S. America sails into Porterland, a place so sacred, the faithful feel like removing their shoes.

Tissue Tribute

KCR DJ “Scott Tissue” (aka Russ Lewis, former Reader proofreader) gets plaque dedication at SDSU radio station where he was on the air over 25 years.

Wilderness Gardens Preserve

Chaparral-cloaked hills, a wide river valley with oak woodland vegetation, and sections of lush riparian flora.

Benevolent Dictator

My fist shot straight out from my side, crossing in front of David’s chest, and released an index finger, aimed at the driver of the car to my right. It held the pose for half ...

Tilted Kilt waitresses and other San Diego bar girls sound off

Guys are gross

The girls kill them with kindness... Interviews with young ladies who frequent San Diego nightclubs.

Linda, They Hardly Knew Ye

Matthew Alice’s identity stolen for 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70 years.

Fast Food and Politics

Super PAC icPurple, set up by Gateway computer megamillionaire Ted Waitt of La Jolla to back the failed independent mayoral campaign of ex-GOP state assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, is still in business. According to the committee’s ...

Letters from the End of the World, Part One

The letters of Testuzo Hirasaki, a Japanese American interned at the Santa Anita racetrack (dubbed “Santa Japanita”) following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Feed Your Head

Thursday 30One-time San Diego–based dirty-blues duo Little Hurricane blows back into town. The SDMA winners (Best New Artist) are out to tout their Homewrecker CD. After a few more West Coast dates, Tone and CC ...

Well Drilling

Who will dig your well in San Diego County? Will they certainly find water?

Pacific Beach kite surfers blow right by the law

Most of the time, nature solves the problem

During the Summer Longboard Classic finals last year at Tourmaline Surfing Park, an unusual event occurred. A kite surfer, apparently oblivious to the tournament, flew full speed into the contestants. Either the intruder could not ...

Random Music Box

UCSD professor/inventor Tom Erbe to perform “Williams Mix” in honor of John Cage’s 100th birthday.

Rock de AT&T

Rock de AT&T It was a penultimate series of sorts: the almost-final round of dining and entertainment freebies accepted by staffers of Democratic state senator Juan Vargas, odds-on favorite to win the 51st District seat ...

Record-Release Roundup

The new full-length from Timothy H, Loved or Hated But Never Ignored, drops Saturday, September 1, at 710 Beach Club in P.B. “Attendees can expect banging beats with ripping punk-rock guitars,” says H, “along with ...

Not Those United States, These United States

In an election year, each candidate argues that his or her vision of America is the real one and that the other candidate’s is not. But there are 300 million of us, and there are ...

Full-Service Lobbyists

MJE Marketing, the lobbying outfit that’s been helping to push the controversial Irwin Jacobs Balboa Park makeover through city hall, picked up another $31,000 for its services in the second quarter of the year, recent ...

Heart Check and Life Score Clinic didn't work so well

Dr. Phillip Milgram:“I lost everything I ever made in life from the business"

Scan scam. San Diego, not surprisingly, is in the middle of this one. In 1992, Los Angeles financier Bruce Friedman set up Heart Check America. “We were a regular imaging center. A doctor prescribes a ...

Rhymeprose on an Owl

Disaster is to fortune as strands of a single rope. Fate is past understanding — who comprehends its bounds? Force water and it spurts, force an arrow and it goes far: All things are propelled ...

Beach Landing, Iwo Jima

They didn’t shoot at us. A silent scene until we clogged the beach, and then — all hell, potato masher hand grenades, machine gun fire, artillery. I swear each shell passed close enough you could ...


Typical Anti-Semitism Regarding Name Withheld’s letter (August 16) concerning the Sheep and Goats interview with Rabbi Cain. Rabbi Cain’s belief in reincarnation is not a belief typically held by Jews. The fact that this is ...