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Between Slurps

Cafe Paris in East Village - too good to last

“Californians drink wine by itself, like a cocktail. In France, we drink it always with food.”


Enjoyed Jeff I thoroughly enjoyed Jeff Smith’s eight-part series, “The Big Noise: The Free Speech Fight of 1912.” This appalling segment of San Diego history is not often talked about nor written about in our ...

Now You Know: New Kinetics

The New Kinetics record with John Vanderslice.

Jason Marsalis

The Marsalis brother they don’t much talk about is Jason. Wynton Marsalis, 51, once considered the savior of all jazz has gotten celebrity ink to the point that he trips my odious meter. Branford, 52, ...

NFL Detention Hall

The NFL institutes disciplinary coursework for fans who get ejected from games.

Last Dance at Lacey J's

Lacey J’s, Santee’s country-music mainstay, closes its doors.

Hullabaloo Raises a Ruckus

“The best thing about performing for kids is how much pure joy we see on a daily basis,” says Steve Denyes of children’s music duo Hullabaloo. “Kids are so free and uninhibited, they just dance ...

Political Brewskis

Speaking of Ron Fowler, the voluble Del Mar resident spent a total of $35,224 on campaign contributions during the first half of this year, according to a major donor statement filed with the California secretary ...

Gelato Sampling in San Diego

“Gelato is like tacos — it’s street food, not high-end fare.”


I spend a lot of time online. Okay, more than a lot. The point is, I get around the interwebz. Though I’ve long considered “web surfing” my primary hobby, it wasn’t until I discovered Reddit ...

La Jolla Playhouse stages An Iliad

One of the best features of An Iliad is how contemporary references function like Homer’s similes.

Cosmopolitan Booty

Thursday 23Eighties new-wave staples Flock of Seagulls land at 4th&B Thursday night. Though the band name has become the butt of many a pop-culture joke — Mike Score’s trademark coif the hairpiece of that joke ...

Steakhouse Polititcs

It was fun and food in the Gaslamp Quarter at Lou & Mickey’s restaurant and bar for Republican state senator Anthony Cannella and his scheduler Jamie Mori and chief of staff Dillon Gibbons, thanks to ...

David Aizuss, Shenanigan King

San Diego’s School of Rock finishes their summer tour.

Why Grapes Cost More Than Raisins. What Eats Jellyfish.

Heymatt: A one-ounce box of raisins has about 110 raisins and costs about 25 cents. 110 fresh grapes costs about 98 cents. Since raisins take much more processing to convert them from grapes, which are ...

Three Mile Pilot

I often hear Three Mile Pilot described as influential, but it’s hard to say what that means. Since their ’90s heyday as a pillar of San Diego’s indie-rock reputation, nothing has sounded quite like the ...

Sweetwater Union High School District bought iPads for all their seventh graders

But no plan as to how to pay for them

Last February, the Sweetwater Union High School District moved forward with a controversial initiative to buy 6300 iPads for its seventh-graders. The iPads cost $4.3 million. Several months later, the district purchased iPad covers, spending ...

Wall Street's High-Speed Gambling

The dark side of mathematicians getting interested in finance

When I was in first grade, the school janitor asked what my father did for a living. I said he was a stockbroker. He said, “Oh, one of those gamblers.” I cried all the way ...

Flying in Circles

A few SDSU sports honchos were included on a courtesy flight from Alaska Airlines.

Pacific Hope Church

Certain churches draw people in by way of entertainment. Interview with Pastor John Leeder of Pacific Hope Church.

Buick Driver, Beamer Dreamer

Name: Dan Brozo Car: 2001 Buick Century Previous cars: 1991 BMW 525i How’s your commute? Clairemont to Sorrento Valley. Cheapest gas? I end up going to Shell more often than an Arco directly across the ...

The Toad

I was so startled, summers afterward, to still carry vividly in memory that scalding afternoon when, impatient to finish, I wheeled the push-mower over a parcel of warted flesh, flung back under the clattering, grass-flecked ...