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San Diego's successful Thrift Trader

Hang on. We must have it somewhere. We've got everything.

Author John Brizzolara interviews thrift-store magnate Jeff Clark.

Bus Rider Breaks Window, Flees

Early morning on August 8, passengers onboard the 35 bus from Old Town to Ocean Beach had an unexpected delay. A woman on the bus decided to smash one of the vehicle’s windows with her ...

Moving Sale

When I went to bed Saturday night, I’d almost forgot that my girlfriend had posted a Sunday morning yard sale on Craigslist earlier that week. She wrote that it would start at 9am, which meant ...

Cow Foot Friday

Ed Bedford shows up too late for the cow-foot stew at Caribbean Taste Jamaican Restaurant.

Hydrate While You Dehydrate with Coconut Water

“We should make a new drink, the Hangover Prevention.”

Flavors Like Life

Try your luck at the Thai-Lao-Chinese-Vietnamese 777 Noodle House in City Heights.

Ner Tamid Synagogue

Nobody knows what the next plane of existence looks like.

Baseball Opened Doors

Former Yankees catcher Bruce Robinson to gig at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Frequent Liar

We had been sitting on the tarmac in Boston for 30 minutes, ostensibly “waiting for catering.” The flight attendants were making their final rounds when the thunderstorm rolled in. By the time the dark cell ...

Guatay Mountain

This challenging hike combines an opportunity to view rare old-growth Tecate cypress trees and a variety of native plant species.

Back to the Cheeseheads

Party with a Uruguayan werewolf

Goodbye doesn’t have to be sad. Sometimes, it’s best to throw a party and make sure your friends get stuffed with food just one more time. That’s what Mickey did. She’s moving to her ancestral ...

Punk-Rock High

Premiere of Music High, a film inspired by Tom Voris of the Fabulous Rudies.

Time Out, My Identity's Been Stolen

A chat with a DeLorean owner.

A break from modern living includes a DeLorean.

Canobliss Becomes Psychothermia for Legal Reasons

“Samson Pedroza packed his bags in the middle of a tour and decided to leave the band,” recalls Canobliss drummer Mike Russo, who says he and three other members of the O.B.-based hard-rock band have ...

Come Out and Play with the Offspring

The Offspring have been out of the spotlight for several years, but it doesn’t seem that way. Radio support for the best-selling punk band is enduring. “Come Out and Play,” for example, still gets regular ...

Origin of Cats' Purrs and Strange Words

Why/how do cats purr?; what’s the origin of “funny bone”? And “moron,” imbecile,” and “idiot”?; what do the numbers mean on top of high-rise helipads?

Jessica Lea Mayfield

If you hadn’t heard her music, you would be forgiven for thinking that Jessica Lea Mayfield makes traditional singer-songwriter music, but you would be wrong. Mayfield began her music career at age 8, playing in ...

Beer Colonic

Thursday 9Few bands in the Woodsist label’s stable roadtrip like namesake band Woods. The Brooklyn quartet’s folk-pop incantations are immediately listenable, engaging even, peeling away like onions on repeat listens and adding just the right ...

Eye gnat infestations in south Escondido – end of local organic food farming?

Golfers at the Vineyard bitching

Organic foods are about 2 percent of world food sales but are growing at 20 percent annually. They are produced without use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, solvents, or additives. Although they may cost at ...

How many people assassinated Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta?

The plot to kill a Mexican presidential hopeful

"That’s my story!” whispers Dora Elena Cortés. The newspaper headline on the screen reads “Colosio, Víctima de un Complot.” It’s a tense scene in the movie Colosio — El Asesinato (Colosio — the Assassination). Somebody ...

Truth Attack — God of Carnage at the Old Globe

“A mouthful of rum and — bam — the real face appears.”

Before God of Carnage begins at the Old Globe’s White Theatre, Robert Morgan’s set makes a quiet suggestion. Dark objects stand on the perimeter of a circular living room. A small wet bar and sofa ...

KPBS Confidential

KPBS staffers were recycling before it was cool.

What Might Have Been

A Carmel Valley dad writes about his son’s developmental issues.


The slim, suntanned legs of the woman in front of me in the checkout line fill me with yearning to provide her with health insurance and a sporty little car with personalized plates. The way ...