I can relate to your husband’s sister’s statement, “I need to get back to where the men appreciate how fine I am.” I moved from the whiter area of San Diego to the “hood,” where I can see my people all the time. Believe me, it is not easy to accept many of the bad habits we have adopted, but there is no racial group that does not have its troublemakers. Do not fall prey to the illusion that you are safe in a predominately white area. Most of all, I hope your children will emerge with a good concept of self, and appreciate black culture — and thereby themselves.

God bless you, and keep you safe and grounded.

Janice Butler

via snail mail

The Family’s Lawyer

The “Afro Puffs” issue (July 12)? Really? That is so messed up. Are you kidding me? I’ve seen some of your pointless cover stories, but you guys are total dicks! I am a beautiful African-American girl who happens to have a sweet Caucasian boyfriend.

You’ll be hearing from the family lawyer. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. This war has started.

Name Withheld
via email

Truth Behind It

RE: “Afro Puffs,” July 12

Ain’t that just like us white folks. Pick out the most inflammatory sentence. Place it out of context, in big letters, on the cover. And no worries about being called racist ’cause, hey — all we have to do is point out that it was written by a black woman. Never mind that those words where spoken by a young black teen worried about his younger sister, that it is a true perspective, something he feels.

Ms. Salaam’s article was an important view into what our young people are experiencing. I’m sure she wasn’t consulted on the cover. I agree it was a horrible sentiment to display in that way, but the article was enlightening. Thank you Ms. Salaam.

Diana Panara
via email

Mocha Moms

We are trying to start a Mocha Moms chapter in San Diego. Please forward my e-mail to the author of the “Afro Puffs” article (July 12). Please contact us through Scripps Parent Connect — subgroup is Families of African-American Children play group. We hope we can form a large and long-lasting play group network.

Ray Dickens
via email

Love Cuff

I’m calling because I love Off the Cuff and it’s not in there all the time, so I’m wondering if you can put that on the computer when you don’t have the room to put it in the Reader. That way we can pull it up on the computer. I would appreciate it because I’m really, really crazy about Off the Cuff. I look forward to getting the magazine to read it. Of course, there’s some other things I like in there too, but that’s my favorite, and I do hope you keep it going.

Victoria Gilbert

You can find Off the Cuff online at sdreader.com/cuff. — Editor

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