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The tanda system of savings among Oceanside immigrants

Your gardener could be a banker

Miguel Herrero, a Oaxacan native, has deep roots and profound trust in both places.

No More Road Dogging

“We’re going to put out teasers on the internet,” Scottie Blinn says, “and hope the show goes viral and possibly lands sponsors.” He is not particular who. “Taco stands, guitar-repair shops, car-parts stores, record stores.” ...

Sunny Rude Receives Nuisance Noise Citation

After being cited by party-pooping cops, Sunny Rude may have to pay almost $7000 to play about 35 minutes of music.

Almond-Crusted Portobello Mushroom

Recipe by Katherine Humphus, Executive Chef, BO-beau kitchen+bar

Katherine Humphus started as a restaurant hostess; now she gives you her almond-crusted Portobello mushroom recipe.

Big Heart and Kitchen

“My son Rudy started working here when he was 10. Now he’s 34 and the chef.”

Judy the Beauty on Duty’s Big Kitchen serves a big breakfast in South Park.


In Control I applaud you, Barb, for having the courage to take back control of your life (“Diary of a Diva,” April 18). I have been on Lexapro as well as a dozen other drugs. ...

Immobile Phone

Do you not see this light blinking?” David squealed, in the same voice he uses when impersonating Vizzini from The Princess Bride, a character best known for the line, “Inconceivable!” “No,” I shrugged. “Phone’s behind ...

Santee Lakes Regional Park

What do camping, fishing, bird-watching, relaxing hikes, and wastewater reclamation all have in common?

Santee Lakes Regional Park, a waterfowl haven that started out as a wastewater treatment facility.

Tectonic Temple at Telemagica

“I have the habit of making seemingly insurmountable goals for myself,” says Joe Mousey, an art student, musician, and promoter who will be constructing a 20-foot-tall pyramid and six 4-foot pyramids for an upcoming outdoor ...

Wives, Mothers, and Sluts

Very little honor among certain sportsmen – looking at you (again), Tiger.

San Diego State’s Mouthpiece in Chief

San Diego State University’s $400,000 man, president Elliot Hirshman, is looking for a $45,000- to $50,000-a-year ghostwriter to be his “presidential communications manager,” according to a recent post by the university on the career networking ...

Marco Li Mandri wants to get around Prop 13

Will the California legislature let him?

Residential property owners throughout San Diego might be finding an additional charge on their annual property-tax bills if a local businessman gets his way. The extra assessment would pay for enhanced services such as trash ...

Timothy Alan Simon: Commissioner with a Past

A California Public Utilities commissioner has his unimpressive/brow-raising track record laid out.

Record-Release Roundup

The release party for Dawn Mitschele’s EP Love Remains happens Friday, April 27, at Mueller College in University Heights. “I chose this venue because I got my start at Twiggs across the street before they ...

John Moores, Scandal Magnate

Ex–San Diego State University athletic director Jeff Schemmel exited Aztec Mesa back in November 2009, ejected by then–president Stephen Weber after it came to light in a divorce case that Schemmel had spent state funds ...

Sheriff Gore Seeks Analysts for Top-Secret Fusion Center

Attention all spies: San Diego county sheriff Bill Gore, himself an ex–FBI special agent, is in the market for those schooled in the dark arts of espionage. “The Sheriff’s Department is seeking proposals from qualified ...

Residents Gather to Foster Respect for Ocean Beach

Well over 200 Ocean Beach residents showed up between the veterans’ memorial and main lifeguard tower at the foot of Santa Monica Avenue on the afternoon of April 24. They were there for an event ...

fIREHOSE Rages Full On at Belly Up

As a gift to the good people of San Diego, the reunited fIREHOSE crammed a Belly Up set between their two Coachella weekend appearances. The band walked onstage with little fanfare to set up some ...

Bonnie Raitt's Slipstream

Blues-rock icon Bonnie Raitt's first studio album in seven years was worth the wait. In the album-cover photo of Raitt ascending stairs, she looks much younger than her senior-citizen status, and her voice and guitar ...

Crazy Happens Here All The Time

What you expect is not all there is. The black women, for example, are the wealthiest.

In Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman writes brilliantly about how the mind works and how we make decisions. He calls one of our most consistent errors “WYSIATI,” the assumption that “what you see is ...

Where Ants Go When It Rains

Where do ants go when it rains? Can man and woman live on milk and potatoes alone? Why is Antarctica a continent, but the Arctic isn’t?

The Dirty Brew of Short Eyes

Short Eyes claims to play “dirt pop” because “grunge” is dead.

No Sex in San Diego

Tease. Prude. The Virgin. Whore. Naive. Heart-breaker. Serial Dater. Bible Thumper. Megan Looney has been called all these things.

Little Hurricane Brings Roadwork to the Casbah

When talking about San Diego’s Little Hurricane, it’s best to get the White Stripes comparison out of the way first. Little Hurricane is a duo with a guy singing and playing guitar and a woman ...

The Greatest

A poem by Robert Hedin

What I remember most about Muhammad Ali Are not the fast hands and loose, graceful footwork, Or Manila or Zaire. Or even what came after­ — The slurred speech, the sad slow shuffle. No, what ...

Sonny Vincent Keeps It Real

Last week a writer posed this question to online magazine Slate: “Is Madonna too old to make Madonna music?” Sonny Vincent would have a laugh. He’s just turned 59 and has no trouble still being ...

What Now, Son!?

Thursday 26Between Beatlemania, La Bamba, and Walk Hard, singer/songsmith/guitarist Marshall Crenshaw has had a nice, quiet career in rock ’n’ roll. The New Yorker by way of Detroit surfaced in the early ’80s between disco ...