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Humorous Humanitarian Dispatches from a Ukrainian Border Town

In the thick of night, you can almost always hear the tree branches rattling in a rhythmic chorus of nighttime symphonies. A tap starts at your window; a breath of air shakes a group of ...

Bieber tickets lead to police action in Midway District?

Handcuffed woman asks for help

San Diego police descended on the Stonewoood Gardens apartments, located on the 3800 block of Midway Drive (where it intersects with Sports Arena Boulevard), early on the morning of Wednesday, December 19. Four police cars ...

El Cajon pit bull attack goes unpunished, unpaid for

Little T-Bone saved but separated from owner

At 7:00 in the morning on November 6, on a quiet block of houses in Lemon Grove, three pit bulls escaped from their yard. They attacked a seven-year-old, tan "cha-weenie" mix named T-Bone, who was ...

Jurassic Park, Harold and Maude

Harold and Maude is a good movie to screen for friends once you get to know them better. After all, love it or hate it, you should be able to say something nice about Harold ...

DVD Picks: The Song Remains the Same, Holiday Inn

My first movie is a holiday classic, Holiday Inn. It was made in 1942 and features Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. For my family and me, it’s a tradition to watch this movie when the ...

Leo's Candyland

Quentin Tarantino fails to do for slave owners what he did for Nazis in this, his long-awaited western (southern?) follow-up to the epic war comedy Inglourious Basterds. Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz returns to the Tarantino fold ...

Nevermind the Resolutions — Set Goals and Deadlines

You’ll need to commit to a deadline. This is going to be the true measure of your goal.

O.B. Surf & Skate won’t have homeless problem

Retail musical chairs over

The Apple Tree Market in Ocean Beach is closing at the end of the year and a new Foodland Market is said to be moving into the 4949 Santa Monica Avenue location. The Hirmez brothers, ...

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