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Name Withheld
Imperial Beach

Ai-yai! Idaho!

I’m from Idaho Falls, Idaho, maybe 40 minutes from Pocatello, depending on how fast you’re going on an open country highway that is sometimes two lanes (“Travel and Getaways,” October 13). Anyway, I could tell you every step of the way starting from San Diego. I have been a San Diego reader for almost one year. My point is that the way you are talking about getting to Pocatello is so hard that you have to jump out of a train. It’s not that bad. Idaho has so many nice places to see that you can get to in any four-cylinder or V-6 from the 15 going north and maybe waste $80 on gas and drive 16 hours and probably have the best west-side road trip you can experience, starting with Las Vegas, then the grand view of Arizona, Salt Lake City, and passing Pocatello, stopping at my sweet home, Idaho Falls, where the heart of the Snake River runs, which I was born 50 feet from.

Next time you write about the great state of Idaho, make sure it isn’t like getting a train from the ’40s and jumping out just to get to a town that doesn’t even know you wrote about it.

Rosario Martinez
via email

Too Little, Too Late

Thank you for the in-depth article by Thomas Larson regarding the criminal episodes in the life of James Kurtenbach (“Debt. Arson. Murder,” Cover Story, October 6).

It’s hard to believe that this deceitful person received a sentence of only 15 years and 8 months. In my view, he should have been given either the death penalty or, at least, life in prison.

Name Withheld

That Smell In El Cajon

Re “Debt, Arson, Murder” (Cover Story, October 6).

I was watching the news one night, and one TV station (where were the other news dogs?) had a reporter covering the trail, so I was captivated by the story. I was going to El Cajon the next day and made it a point to stop by the courthouse and check it out. What impressed me was Kurtenbach was decked out like a Philadelphia lawyer, and he had Paul Pfingst defending him (maybe he did it pro bono, fat chance). I thought this guy was on the skids, and here’s an ex–city attorney, and this was his fourth defender. Then the jury gives him 15 years and 8 months. He should be facing life in prison. Something’s rotten in El Cajon. Another excellent story by the Reader. Well done.

Steve Kelly
Allied Gardens

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clockerbob Oct. 26, 2011 @ 12:49 p.m.

re: They cry poor

Donald Trump was correct we need the revenue from oil wells in the Arab world that we have taken control of to pay for the 250,000 political refugees from Iran,Iraq,Egypt,Libya, Pakistan, Jordan,Kenya.. etc who are entering the USA yearly. If we are going to be in the Middle East for another fifty years the middle east better start paying.

Otherwise medicare will be curtailed


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