Justin Pearson’s Misfits haul, scored from Danzig’s jaded ex.
  • Justin Pearson’s Misfits haul, scored from Danzig’s jaded ex.
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“I was asked to be in a documentary film about Misfits record collecting called ’77–’83,” says Justin Pearson from Europe, where he’s touring with his San Diego/L.A. hardcore band ReTox. “They want to interview me about how I obtained some of the super-rare vinyl I have, which I got in super-weird ways....

“When I was about 13 or 14, I had a buddy who worked at Off the Record [in Hillcrest at the time]. He called me up and said that I had to come in and check out some stuff before they were put out.... There was a slew of Misfits and Samhain stuff, all autographed and all rare items. I asked how they got all that, and he said that [former Misfits frontman] Danzig’s current girlfriend, who apparently lived in the area, got dumped and thought he was a douchebag. So, she sold whatever she had of his for next to nothing.”

Pearson splurged on several items, even though, he writes, “My financial income was partially from SSI and partially from working at Kobey’s [Swap Meet] on the weekend.” As for the treasures he wants to show off in the documentary, “One piece I obtained was the Die Die My Darling 12-inch EP on white vinyl, autographed by Danzig.” Also, “A [Danzig-fronted] Samhain LP November Coming Fire that was on orange vinyl — limited to 500 copies — that came with the insert that was no longer part of the pressing at the time.”

So what does Pearson think of the current Danzig-less version of the Misfits fronted by Jerry Only? “I think it’s garbage. Every attempt after Samhain, and with any of the players of the said bands, was just half-assed, in my opinion. I saw Danzig right at the birth of the band and watched them get booed off the stage when opening for Slayer.... Seeing the [post-Danzig] Michael Graves version of the Misfits was bullshit.

“I have hung out with those cats a bit and, well, they are not that rad. But there is the whole nostalgia aspect to it, which I think is important. Especially for record collectors.”

Pearson’s homecoming show with ReTox happens Saturday, November 26, at Soda Bar, with experimental Japanese punkers Melt-Banana.

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